The day it all started!

Paigeleigh Mayes was just an ordinary girl until......

I'm just gonna say it gets WAY better as your read through!!!:) Comment what you think. love you guys!<3


4. The boy

"How is she?" the boy asked.

"Oh she is fine. We are just going to do a couple more tests to make sure. She should be going home real soon." the doctor said back.

"Thank the lord!"

" You do know if you didn't save her she wouldn't be here now." Doctor Dunkan explained.

"Well I had to. I felt like when we gazed into each others eyes something popped. I knew she was the one and only!"

" I didn't know you felt like that."

" Yeah. I really think she's the one, but she probably don't like me."

" You don't know that!" Doctor Dunkan yelled.

" I know I don't Doc, I know."


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