The day it all started!

Paigeleigh Mayes was just an ordinary girl until......

I'm just gonna say it gets WAY better as your read through!!!:) Comment what you think. love you guys!<3


7. Say What?

" Where are you?" Doctor Dunkan said yelling in the waiting room. " Oh there you are."

" Yeah, what do you need. Is she okay?"

" She's just fine, but one problem. She's lonely. She said in the room by herself isn't fun and wants company. It's your time to shine boy!"

" Oh great. What am I supposed to say?"

" Well talk about what happened and what you did. Then ask if she has a boyfriend."

" Okay I'll say that except for the boyfriend part."

" Ugh, whatever. Just trying to help you out." Doctor Dunkan said back, honest.


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