The day it all started!

Paigeleigh Mayes was just an ordinary girl until......

I'm just gonna say it gets WAY better as your read through!!!:) Comment what you think. love you guys!<3


1. Ophylya's new boyfriend


                                                                            PAIGELEIGH IS I !



"Aunt Helen" I yelled. "I'm going to the park with Ophylya. Be back by dark."

"Okay honey, be careful." Aunt Helen exclaimed.

" I will, I promise." I exclaimed back.

(runs out door,goes to park, and meets Ophylya.)

" Oh your finally here! Ophylya said sounding like she was in a big hurry."Guess what?"

"Should I even ask?" I said.


"Okay. What?" I said back, excited.

" Do you really wanna know?"

............ I thought.

" I GOT A BOYFRIEND! AHHHH! Exciting, right?"

" Well of course it is Opie!"

"The only bad thing is that he's picking me up in ten minutes. Oh and btw his name is Niall Horan."

"I'm so proud of you!" I said as I started to cry.

"Niall's picking me up in his lamburginie."

"Wow that's one hot car" I yelled.

"I know." Ophylya said sounding popular.

"Totally girl." I said back sounding the same way.

"We are crazy sometimes Paigeleigh."

" I know we are Opie, Oh and Opie he's here."

" YAY. Ok how bout we meet here same time tommorow?" She asked.

" Sounds like a plan!"

"Okay, BYE!" She yelled while running to the car.


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