The day it all started!

Paigeleigh Mayes was just an ordinary girl until......

I'm just gonna say it gets WAY better as your read through!!!:) Comment what you think. love you guys!<3


8. Here For You!

( knock on door )

" Come in." I say.

( door opens. Paigeleigh gasps )

"Are you okay?" the boy asks. "You gasped."

" Oh that was just my yawn really um  fast." I lied back. "You look so familiar. Oh yeah, your that very handsome boy singing on the bench watching me swing. PS that was embarrasing."

"Oh don't think that because it wasn't embarrasing. It was cute."

"Oh well. Are you flirting with me?!"

"No! What are you talking about!!"

" I think it's hot when boys flirt, one specific boy atleast."

" Now who is that boy?" he asked.

"Um what's your name?" I asked back.

" Oh sorry it's Harry!" he said.

" Well I think that boys name is Harry!" I said back.

" Awe! So how are you feeling Paigeleigh?"

" YOU KNOW MY NAME!" I screamed.

" Yes. I know A LOT about you actually."

" How?"

" Just trust me, I DO! Still how are you?" he asked again.

" Oh sorry, I'm good, but very tired.I'm also sad because of my ankle." I cried.

"You look tired. Get some rest Paigeleigh. Tell me if you need anything. I'm here for you!"

"Alright thanks. Oh and Harry."


"Your an extraordinHARRY guy!"



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