The day it all started!

Paigeleigh Mayes was just an ordinary girl until......

I'm just gonna say it gets WAY better as your read through!!!:) Comment what you think. love you guys!<3


9. Aunt Helen....

" Doc." Harry yelled.

"Yes." he answered.

" I didn't ask!"

"Didn't ask what?"

"Well I didn't tell her I saved her. And"

"Wait. Why didn't you. She would be SO amazed."

"I was scared."

"The Harold I know is never scared! You suffered your life even."

"But she was out and couldn't see me."

"Fine Harold. I'll tell her."

"BUT!!" he said.

"No buts." the doctor said back.

"Yes sir!" Harry said, positive.

( doctor goes to see Paigeleigh. )

"Hey Paigeleigh, how you feel?"

"Ready to go home." I answered.

"I bet!"

"Yeah, have you talked to my Aunt Helen any?"
"Yes ma'am I have!"

"How is she?"

"Well she said she hopes your doing okay and that she's not feeling well."


"I told her to come tomorrow if she feels no better."

"What's wrong with her do you think?" I said as I started to cry.

"She said her heart hurts real bad."

"NO she has to live. She's all I have!"

"I know honey. I will make sure she's okay tomorrow. She's coming for a check up."

"Gosh thank you!"

"Your welcome sweetie!"

"Oh and doctor when do I get my cast?"

"Today at four."


"I'll be back in ten minutes to show you the colors."

"Okay, see you in ten minutes!" I said as he exited the door.

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