Above It All

This is about a girl named Johanna who loses her way and with her bad luck no telling what will happen but one day she becomes acquainted with a boy named Ian who desperately wants to know about her past and soon becomes a part of her future…


2. The Man and The Note

<Johanna's POV>

The woman who woke me up is called Mrs.Smith, she keeps babbling on about her grandson about how he is coming to pick her up and how much of a sweet heart he is. Honestly, he could be pulling an act. When I was in America I acted very nice around my grandma, not that I was bad or anything, just so she couldn't say anything behind my back like the others did. Mrs.Smith interrupted my thoughts by shaking me a little. "Oh! There he is, Ian!!" she shouted, nearly blowing off my ear with just her voice.

I looked where she was looking and I think my jaw dropped because he blushed, which might I say was absouloutley gorgeous. Once he got closer he hugged Mrs.Smith and I swear I heard her say something about me.My ride isn't here yet which is quite strange, I was told my foster parents were either on time or early.

About an hour of waiting Ian asked my name so I told him. Then he  asked me where I was headed, I hesitated and told him. I don't know why but his eyes suck me in. After that Mrs.Smith took out a picture album and showed me pictures of her grand daughter Mandy, Ian, and her oldest grandson David. I'm guessing they were related because all three of them had the same brown floppy hair and stunning green eyes, well except for David he had a sparkling light brown eye color. "Johanna!!!" an angry voice shouted, once again my thoughts were interrupted. We all turned around almost instantly. I didn't recognise him, I tensed up.

"Who are you?" Ian asked politely. Well, that surprised me. "None of your business" hissed the man. He turned towards me. "Johanna I am your foster dad. My wife and I have been waiting for at least an hour." He said trying to calm down. He obviously has anger problems. I awkwardly shifted, thanking both Mrs. Smith and Ian for waiting with me and with that I left.

<Ian's POV>

As soon as Johanna walked out the airport doors my grandma and I left. I can't seem to get her face out of my head, she is so beautiful. I don't know why but her eyes just suck me in. "I can tell by how she looks at you she has an interest in you" My grandma says. Making me smile and blush. "Really?" , I ask. She nods, which makes me blush even more and smile even bigger. "I think I have an interest in her too." I say nonchalantly. I wonder if she goes to my school. She might be the new girl, I hope she is.

Once we get home it's abnormally quiet. I open the unlocked door, this is getting weird. Once I turn the lights on, there is a note on the counter. It says:

Dear Ian and Mom,

I won't be home for a few days, something is happening with Mandy's case. I have been aware for a while I just didn't want you to worry. There is cooked food in the freezer, I love you two. Don't call my phone I will call you if I can. Just know that I love you both sooo much.


Mary Smith

That was unusual she doesn't really say not to call her if anything she says to call her. I hand my grandma the upside down note. She freezes and gasps. I look and it says:

P.S. Help me, find me. A man showed up a few minutes ago saying I had to come with him (he has a gun). I love you.......

Then everything faded........

<Johanna's POV>

My foster parents aren't terrible they just have a short temper, I personally think it's funny. I have two foster siblings Benjamin who has just turned 11 and Samantha who is 9. Mark and Ramonaenrolled me in a school that is still in spring break. I hope Ian goes there he was so stunning and funny. At least I would know someone...


I know I haven't poted in a few days have been busy with school but I'm on winter break so be ready ;DDDDD

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