Above It All

This is about a girl named Johanna who loses her way and with her bad luck no telling what will happen but one day she becomes acquainted with a boy named Ian who desperately wants to know about her past and soon becomes a part of her future…


1. A New Start

"Johanna please come here, I didn't mean it baby calm down"

"Ian you can't just call my name and expect me to come running back I'm not a dog"

~Where it all began~

<Johanna's POV>

I'm leaving America now. I'm going to miss everyone but I guess thats what happens when your father passes away , and your mother and all other relatives disown you ,or you aregoing on vacation which I wish I was doing. I'm going to a foster home in Westmeath, Ireland. To be honest I'm nervous, what if my foster parents don't like me I'm really worried about school and how people will act towards me but i guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

<Ian's POV>

"Mum where are the keys?!" I half screamed questioned to my mum from the porch.

"Under the flower pot!" She yelled in return.

I've just gotten back from the grocery store which was quite a drive, I don't get how my mum can do it so much. Spring break is almost over which means school, and I'm very sad about it. But some people said there will be a new girl when we come back which should be interesting.

<Johanna's POV>

There was a bright light' instantly I began to walk towards it. My eyes began to fill with tears as I realized I was approaching my father. As he began to speak I heard someone saying "Wake up, wake up".

I woke up to a elderly woman. "Are you okay?", the elderly woman asked.

"I'm fine",I mumbled, "thank you".

"No problem, sweetie" she replied

She seemed nice but that's how everyone seems in the beginning...

<Ian's POV>

"Mum, do you want me to pick up mamie from the airport?" I asked. I always loved picking up my grandma with my parents, but ever since my parents got a divorce, only my mum and I would go pick up my grandma. Now it was my turn which should be fun, my grandma was always outgoing which means I'll probably find her talking to someone once I get there.

About 45 min. later I arrived and not to my surprise my grandma was conversing with a girl that looked around my age. I began to approach when my grandma noticed I was there and yelled my name. I blushed because the girl was stunning and my very predictable grandma was obviously talking about me. As soon as I was close enough to give my grandma a hug she told me that the girl was waiting for a ride so we decided to wait with her.

About an hour of waiting all I've learned about the mysterious girl is that her name is Johanna and that she is going to a foster home. After she said that my grand ma pulled out the album of my missing sister Mandy, my older brother David and I. Soon after my grandma pulled out her picture album someone yelled Johanna's name, the voice sounded angry...


Author's Note: Hi this is my first story on Movellas I hope you like it I will be updating everyday around 7:00 PM EST.

Hmmmmmmmm I wonder whos voice it is well we shall see tomorrow ;D

Comment if you have any ideas. (will be reading all :]]]]])

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