One Love

I dont wanna ruin it. read and youll find out.


9. The Mistake He Shouldnt Have Made!

I was in the hall looking for Alyce's room.I saw it and ran. I ran into the room and saw a beautiful blonde head girl laying down sleeping. I ran to her side screaming wake up Alyce wake up please!!!Next thing i know her hand grabs mine and a smile grows on her face which makes me smile back.

"How you feeling?"I say holding her hand

"Better now that your here!"She says giggleing

"I was so worried about you."I say as everyone walks in and i lean in to kiss her.

"you shouldnt ahve been im fine." She said kissing me back

"Well there is nothing in the world that wont let me worry about you!" I said smiling and looking into her eyes

* * *

We had recovered and were all back to normal so we dicide to celebrate and go to the bar. We all arived at the flat and went get ready.

Alyce's P.O.V

"Hey have you seen my white dress with the lace over it?Oh, and my red heels?"I heard someone call across from Niall and I's room and looked to see Summer looking at me. "No sorry maybe its at our house lets go see so we can get ready over there and so that Niall can have his room back to get ready" I yelled back " Sounds good I just have to get all of my stuff i need from Zayns room ok." Zaylin calls out as she when to get her stuff "I walked into my now own closet as i say, thats what Niall gets for saying anything thats mine is yours, It is just massive so i put all of my clothes from home in there. I grabed my peach colored dress with my brown and gold belt with blown wedges because i didnt want to get drunk or something and bust my head open if i were wearing seven inch heels so wedges are good for tonight. As that i also grabed Summer and my makeup that was in the room and while i was on my way out i had a little unexsected company and droped everything as Niall grabed me by my waist and kissed me passionatly. That was a kiss that i have never had before.

He lifted me up and i wraped my legs around his waist as he laid on the bed. He pulled me closer to him and pulled his shirt off slowly. "I love you!" He said as her unbuttoned my shirt "I love you too!" I replied as he undone my shorts zipped and pulled my shorts off. That split second we didnt expect to have anyone walk in, but hey everyone has bad timing. "OH MY GOSH!!!" Harry screamed walking in on us "HARRY!" Niall screamed back as i jumped up and Harry covered his eyes. "GET OUT!" Niall screamed running to the door to close it. "Sorry i was just gonna tell Alyce that someone is here to see you."

We got back dressed and I ran to the door to see who was waiting and there stood my old friend that i thought i would never see again. "OH MY GOSH LIZZY (Elizabeth)!!! What are you doing here?"I asked "I heard you lived here in london so i when to your house and you werent there so someone told me you were here. I moved right next to your house!"She said crying tears of joy. "Oh sorry this is Louis Niall Harry Liam and Zayn" I say walking to Niall kissing him on the cheek "Hes mine step away!" I said playfully "We were just planning on going get ready to go to the club wanna come?" "Sure!" she replied and i saw her walk to Harry when i told her I would meet her in the car.

Harry's P.O.V

I saw Lizzy and my heart grew twenty times bigger! She was flawless! I notice her walking my way and she wispered in my ear."and your mine..." and she walked out the door so i ran up to my room to get ready.

Alyce's P.O.V

We were on our way to the house and we finally arrived and when to my bathroom because I had the master.We started to get everything ready. This time Summer and I got dressed first while Zaylin and Lizzy done hair and make up. I was wearing what i had grabed and Summer was wearing what she had picked out while we were at the boys or our house. Zaylin had her stuff layed out, a red dress with spikes on the shoulder and some white heels about six inch ones. Lizzy told me too pick her stuff out for her so I got a plain teall blue strapless dress and got some black wedges with a black mustache necklace.

It was an hour later I had lost Niall and he was drunk I searched everywhere for him. Then i when to the back to look and as i walked out I saw him talking to some girls and he had one girl all over him. I ran off crying as Liam chased me when he saw what i had seen.

I arrived at the house with Liam pulling up in the car behind me and jumped out. I ran inside and bawled my eyes out while Liam tried talking to me. " Hey are you alright? Im pretty sure he was very drunk he would never do anything to you on purpose." He explained "I know but just-No just no im leaving Liam.!" I said going upstairs to pack my stuff. "No i wont let you!" he yelled "Just wait till Niall gets home and i will talk with him to make sure that he lets you cool down and to sort things out.

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