One Love

I dont wanna ruin it. read and youll find out.


8. The hurt...

Louis's P.O.V

"You girls need a lift to yall house to get some clothes?" "That is if yall are staying again."I said holding Summers hand

"Yes we will stay again"Summer said

"Ok so lets go Niall Zayn are yall coming?"I asked

"Ill come "Niall said hugging Alyce

"Umm Ill stay and clean up."Zayn said walking away

"Ok guys lets go."I annonched

Niall pulled out his iPhone and was texting someone.

The text said:

Hey Zayn can you please go out and get some roses and stuff like that and set it up somewhere nice for me and Alyce please!!!

Zayn replied:

Ok dude i will.

He Alyce and Zaylin got to the back and Summer was in the front with me.We arrived at a big house walked in to a huge living room then followed the girls to Alyce's room then Zaylin's then Summer's.They had gotton everything and we had started to go home. Now long after that we arrived at home and Hary opened the door I took Summer's bag to my room.

"Thanks babe"Summer said as I put her bags down

"Welcome"I said

She walked up to me and we started to kiss then i pulled her down on the bed so that I  was on top of her and she slowly started to take it a little slower then stoped kissing and started talking about tonight what were we going to do for Valentines day.

"I cant wait till tonight i have to best thing planed for us so I hope you have some very sexy clothes babe."I said as i pulled her up.

"I do baby and I cant wait "She said as she kisses me one more time.

We here someone yell lunch time!Its Liam!!We walk down stairs and eat.Then the girls say they are going to get some stuff.

"We'll be back later!"They say

Alyce's P.O.V

We walk out the door and Summer agrees to drive.

"So are we going to get them Valentine presents?"Zaylin asked

"Yea!"Summer said answering the question

We had arrived a little later than we thought.After getting all of the stuff we needed wqe started to make our way home.We were driving and next thing we know we are in a wreck and was hit on Zaylin and I's sid eand had fliped on our side.

Louis's P.O.V

"Hello sir?"man said

'Yes"I said

"There has been a wreck, the people are Summer Guillot ,Alyce Todd and ,Zaylin Savioe.Is there a possibilty you know any of these girls?"The man said

"YES!Summer is my girlfriend.Is she ok?!"I scream

"We are on Harmon street where the wreck has taken place.Please hurry som."The man said

"I will"hanging up on him


"Guys we have to go the girls have been in a wreck lets go"I say running to the car with the bouys following me.We get in and drive away.

"Is Alyce ok?"Niall asked

"Is Zaylin ok?"Zayn asked too

"Idk they didnt tell me!"i say driving up to the scene and getting out with the boys running up to the car.

We all are running up to the car and I see the police officer and ask him where the girls are.

"They are over there."He said

"Ok thanks.Come on boys they are over here."

"Omg Zaylin Alyce Summer!....."Zayn saids crying

"Summer are you ok? Where are the other girls?"I say

"Im fine and Alyce and Zaylin are over there getting checked."She said with me hugging her.

"What happened?"Niall asked summer

"Idk we were just riding and then bam we fliped and it landed on Alyce and Zaylins side!"she confermed

"WHAT? IS SHE ALRIGHT I HAVE TO SEE HER NOW OMG LETS GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!"He said sadly and really worried!

"You two ride in the ambulance with them and we'll meet you there."Liam said

"OK COME ON ZAYN BEFORE THEY LEAVE!"Niall yelled runnning into the ambulance and jumping in.

A few minutes later we all arived at the hospital.I saw Zayn crying out front and I didnt see Niall.

"Hey buddy wheres Niall?"I asked

"Hes in side of the girls rooms."He said

We all ran to the woman at the front desk.

What room is Alyce Todd and Zaylin Savioe in?"Niall asked worried

Niall's P.O.V

When i heard Alyce had got in a wreck my heart droped and broke.I will never let her out of my arms anymore!

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