One Love

I dont wanna ruin it. read and youll find out.


3. The guys

Summer's P.O.V

"Do you want to meet some people?"Alyce ask as she walks up to us

'I guess, like who?"I ask

"Them"She points to the 5 boys sitting on the tables

"Omg yes!Who are they?"Zaylin squeels

"You see that tall blonde?"She says

"Yea"Zaylin and I reply

"Well we just met and he asked if we wanted to hang out and i said yes!!!"She says jumpind with excitement

"Ok well i call dibs on the one in the striped shirt and suspender!"I said walking to them

"I get the tall one next to him"Zaylin laughs

"Hey! Im Summer."I say looking at the one i described earlier

"Hi, love Im Louis"He said grabbing my hand kissing it.

"Hello Im Zaylin."She said fixing her hair

"Hey im Zayn." he said smiling

"Everyone this is Alyce, Alyce this is Harry Liam Zayn and Louis."Niall said greeting Alyce with smile.

Niall's P.O.V

WOW! Alyce is so beautiful her smile lights up a million miles.I knew the moment that i looked into her eyes I  wanted to never let her go.

"So why dont we split up and go rid esome rides huh?"I say hoping i could be with Alyce alone for a moment

"Yea ok."They repliy

"Ok so how about Zayn and Zaylin, Harry and Liam, Louis and Summer, and me and Alyce?"I asked looking at her

"That s ok"They replied and walked off.

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