One Love

I dont wanna ruin it. read and youll find out.


7. The Beauty in the morning

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up to the most beautiful thing ever. Alyce was up looking at me sleep and she was in one of my big shirts.

"Goodmorning sweetie!"She said kissing me " I hope you dont mind but  I went take a shower and didnt have any extra clthes so i grabed your shirt is it alright?"She said with a puppy dog face

"Its alright it looks even better on you!"I said smiling

"Really? Should i dance around like a model in it?"She said flirty

"Sure should!"I said giving her a flirty look in return.

'Aww sweetie!"She said as she started to dance around in it

Zaylin's P.O.V

I woke up in Zayns arms at 7 and decided to get up and go down stairs where i saw Harry cooking food and Alyce and Niall sitting at the table waiting for food and talking to Harry.

"Hi guys!"I say walking next to Alyce.

"Hey" they replied

"What are we having this morning?"I asked Harry

"Pancakes and Bacon!"Harry said with joy

"Really?"Niall jumped with excitment

"Yum"Alyce said

"Yes we are Niall but remember you have a girl here dont eat like a pig!"Harry said

"He doesnt have to change for me."Alyce said looking at Niall then smiling.

"And thats one of the reasons I love you!"Niall says

"Woah wait what? you love me?!!!"Alyce looking at him shocked

"To soon babe?"He said a little less happier

"No perfect time because I love you too"She said with excitment

"you had me worried!"Niall said following by "Hey Hazza im going change will you please take care of the girls and fix them a plate of breakfast?"

"Sure thing"hazza answer

Harry's P.O.V

Next thing i knew Niall left and i was left alone with the girls!Liam said I wouldnt be!!

"So what would yall like?"I say studdering and walking backwrds

"Hazza are you ok you look a little afraid?"Alyce says walking up to me

"Im alright"I repliy walking farther then falling and knocking down some pans

"Omg are you ok?"They both ask helping me pick everything up

"Ya"I say and they both give me big hugs.

I thought in my head oh know what is happening I have to get away!!!!

"Liam!!!"I say as he runs in

"Yes?"He asks

"you said you would help me ."I said winking at him then Niall walks in again

"Hey babe"Alyce says going to Niall

"Hey everybody"Zayn says walking up to Zaylin

"Hey sweetie"She replys

"You look so beautiful in the morning"Zayn said kissing her as i give then their plates

"Where are Summer and Louis?"I say

"They are still in bed"Liam said

"Well we are going to go out and do stuff."I said walking away from all of the love birds





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