One Love

I dont wanna ruin it. read and youll find out.


4. Riding Rides

We had just split up and I wanted to ask Alyce out but was going to wait till we were on the top of the Farris Wheel.

"So do you wanna ride the Farris Wheel?"I asked looking into her bright blue eyes

"Ok but Im a little scared so I might scream"She said flippping her long blonde hair as we steped into the cart.

"Dont worry Im here to protect you."I said putting my arm around her

"Aww thats so sweet."She said laughing

"Wow you have a beautiful laugh and smile"I said looking at her with starry eyes

"Thank you same to you"She said blushing

"Can I ask you something?"I say hoping that she will say yes that would be embarrsaing if she didnt

"Yes."She said

"Do you wanna go out tonight or tomorrow?"I ask in a stuttery voice

"Yes I would love if we could do both."She said giving me a little kiss on the cheek.

"Omg its shaking!"Alyce said in a paniky voice as i turned my head then turned back and pulled her close.She smiled which made me smile.

"Heres my number"She said as I took the paper and a big smile grew on my face.

"Do you Summmer and Zaylin want to come over and hang out then tomorrow we can go out?"I ask as if this might be good to spend some time with her tonight.

"Yes we would when are we leaving?"She asked waiting for and answer

"We are supossed to meet at 5 at the exit"I say looking at my iPhone

"Its 4:55 they will be coming soon."I added

All the group walks up to us as I grab Alyce's hand and she looks at me smiling.We get into the car and held off.


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