One Love

I dont wanna ruin it. read and youll find out.


6. Oh them two!

Harry's P.O.V

The movie was almost over so Liam and I were kinda scared and so was Zayn and Zaylin.Then looked around and all you saw was Niall and Alyce snuggling together sleeping, Zayn and Zaylinholing hands and had just said they were going to bed a minutes ago, then we werent that suprize but Louis and Summer said that they were both going to take a shower but I have only heard on shower go on.OH LORD LOUIS there he goes already showering with the girl!

"Should we wake up Niall and Alyce to go up to his room or should we just keep them here?"I asked Liam as Zaylin's head shot up.

"I think we should let them sleep. They'll be mad if we ruin there alone time together."Zaylin laughs

"Come on ZZ lets go in my room."Zayn said to Zay
"ZAY!' I shout laughing

"ZZ and Zay?"She looked confusesd

"Its your nickname from us"Zayn said kissing her on the cheek.

Zayn's P.O.V

"Come on I'll carry you!"I say grabing Zaylin by her waist

"I can walk"She says in a playful voice

"Well your not gonna!"I say grabing her and pulling her over my sholder and running up stairs as she playfully screams a little.

"Bye Harry, bye Liam!"she screams but not to loud because Niall and Alyce are sleeping.

Liam's P.O.V

"Hey Hazza whats wrong you look sad?"I say looking at Hazza worried

"Well as you see its just me and you and all of the boys are with the girls and please dont tell but I really like Alyce Zaylin and Summer."Hazza confesses

"What! Niall and Louis are gonna kill you!Dude you you cant try anything with them!"I being worried!

"I know I know I cant do anything!Shouldnt you feel that way too?"Haz looks confused

"I do I like Summer but I cant try anything we cant get in a fight like this lets just go out and talk later ok and maybe we will meet some girls ourselves."I say trying to reason with Hazza.

"Ok thats good."Haz smiles and flips his curls."As long as the love birds arent to close to us I just cant handle them right now!"

"Its alright its not like we will be left alone with the girls trust me its all good."I say relived

"Yea I guess its ok."Haz said

"Lets go to sleep Hazza and in the morning i will help you cook Ok?"I say getting cozy

"Ok thanks!"Hazza does the same

"NIGHT!Hazza"I say closing my eyes

"NIGHT Li"He repeats


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