One Love

I dont wanna ruin it. read and youll find out.


2. Meeting you.

Alyce's P.O.V

We woke up at around 9.We all ran down to eat and then went to get dressed.We decided to go to the fair.

"Hey do you know where my green vans and gray skinny jeans are?"I asked looking for them

"Ya I saw your gray skinny jeans in the bag that you brought to my house when you slept over and your vans are on side of your bed."Summer said trying to find something to wear.

"Does this look cute?"Zaylin ask as she walks in the hallway.

"Yea it looks good"we replied

"Ok thanks"She thanked as she walked back in her room.

We were all ready and Zaylin agreed to drive so we hoped in her car and went to the fair.This year they had green bracelets which matched my outfit perfectly.We went on a couple of rides then I said I was going to go get some cotton candy.

"I'll be right back"I said to the girls and they nodded back

"Oh Im sorry love for bumping into you my fault ."A tall boy with and Irish accent said as he grabs me when i fall over

"No its alright" I say whiping dirt of my bum as I turn and look into his blue eyes I smile

My thoughts jumping up and down. He was so cute.

"Well Hi my name is Niall Horan, and you are?"Niall ask me smiling

"Im Alyce."I say in a greeting tone.

"Well what brings a beauty like you here?"He asks letting go of me

"I with my friends and you?"I reask

"Same with me"he says pointing to his friends

Would you and your friends like to join us?"He ask before I could say anything

"Yes we would love that."I smile and go to walk ove rto my friends to tell them.

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