One Love

I dont wanna ruin it. read and youll find out.


1. The Only Two

  It was another night of hurt. Alyce had just two friends well true friends. The two were Zaylin and Summer. They loved having each other there for them. Back at there little girls night they were going to watch some scary movies eat like they were trying to be "The Bigest Girls in the World".That was the girls for you.

Zaylin's P.O.V

"Hey guys which movie first?" I said with a smile on my face.

"Neither lets go out and met a few boys along the way"Alyce said giggling.

"Sounds awesome" Summer added

"First, we need to get all fancied up"I said looking at the girls.

"I call makeup first" Summer yelled

"Oh come on Summer you dont need any!"Alyce said

"Really you dont"I said in a agreeing voice

"Well I dont care I still call make up first!"Summer said running up stairs with Alyce and I follow behind.

"I call hair first"Alyce said running into the bathroom to start.

"I guess I will pick my outfit out first."I said walking into Alyce's giant closet

"Its a good thing that we are all the same sizes!"Summer said looking at me

"Do you mind picking my outfit out? I love your style!"Alyce asking me with a sad face look.

"Sure what about you Summer?"I asked while laying my clothes on Alyce's bed.

"Yes please if you dont mind." She replied

"So girls where are we going to?"I asked looking at different shoes

As we all got ready Alyce got a text from hunter(A boy that has a crush on her.)

"Oh Zaylin Lover Boy just texted me!"Alyce said while laughing

"Can you tell him to die!"I said

"I know he wont leave me alone!!!"She said throwing her phone on the bed
"Wow! Well at least we wont worry about him tonight"Summer added

We finished getting ready in about 15 minutes. I was wearing a black tight strapless dress with navy blue heels.I had put my extentions in and it was dip dyed with navy blue. Alyce was in a flowy white top tucked into a zig zag shirt with her hair curled and teal heels on.Summer wore a red dress with a black blazer on and black heels.We went to a few places and were really tired so headed home.We all went into different rooms because we were moving in with Alyce so go our new rooms ready earlier.

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