What would you do if you could have everything you wanted, but you step out of line, then everything goes down hill. What if One Mistake changed your life?


1. Torn: Chapter 1

1 year ago........

Starr's P.O.V

     "Hey, Melody come look at this." I say while getting closer to the oddly looking pool, Mel and I look at each other. Mel takes baby steps to the pool, hypnotized by it's reflection. "What do you think it wants?" I ask. "Let's find out." She says while removing her tank top revealing a white bikini underneath. Mel is a rebel she doesn't let anything scare her. Melody climbs up the ladder and dives in. She laughs. "I guess nothing." "Come in here." I nodd and take off my tank top underneath is a hot pink bikini, with diamond studs. I dive in. "You know it's a little chilly." "No kidding it wasn't a minute ago." She tells me. "Something doesn't feel right." I say worringly. "Relax Starr." Yeah she's probably right. I hear something behind me, I'm almost about to pass out right now. Melody hears it too. I jump up then, something overcomes me and I'm passed out in the pool, what's wrong I'm still awake, my eyes are open what's happening? I see Melody shaking me like I'm not awake. Then I see my body myself, I'm standing right beside Melody. I shake her telling her I'm here. She looks around hearing me, I know she does, she hears me whisper as almost as if I'm the wind. She drops to her knees and tells me "I'll miss you Starr, I know your hear, you are the wind, you are air, I know you won't leave me." A tear escapes from her eye I go to wipe it, but the wind blows again. She looks up to the sky and smiles. I wipe a tear from my eye, but everytime I move the wind blows. I need to find someone, somebody who can help me get through what I am, now.


Harry's P.O.V

My eyes flaming with fury. My palms flaming with fire, I'm fed up with the waters I can't take it anymore. We run this town, this world. I walk outside then I notice this girl looking worried, she must be new. I greet her and she backs away from me. "It's okay, I'm one of you." I grab her hand and pull her close. "So little one what power do you possess?" "I-I- I don't know." She stutters. This girl was beautiful, long wavy redish brown tint hair, icey blue eyes and a star mark right below her right eye. "Air." I whisper. I thought we got rid of them a long time ago. "What's your name, love?" I ask. "Starr." A smirk comes through my teeth, well love meet up with me sometime and I will see you later. I disappear.

Starr's P.O.V

This young boy was so wise, he knew a lot more than I did, I was willing for his help but not so sure I could trust him. He was mysterious, yet strong almost like fire. How did he know I was air. How did I not know before him? As I'm walking along this bridge I stop and sit on the edge and let my feet dangle on the edge watching the water flow. Then somebody jumps out of the bushes and says "Hello." "You knew here?" In a strong irish accent. "Is it that obvious?" I ask, brushing my bangs out of my face. He laughs and walks up here, "Niall." He says while holding his hand out. Such a gentleman. "Starr." I say back shaking his hand. Such a strong grip. "So what element do you hold?" This boy was so calm, and outgoing. I know that by just looking at him. "Air, I think, I really don't know.. I'm new at this." "Everyone knows that." He jokes. His words so mezmorizing. I look at the ground, his hand gently lifts my chin up and we are staring face to face. I look away shyly. He smiles, I turn back and I roll my eyes. He laughs. He offers to introduce me to his friends. As we walk there he has his arm around me anad I snuggle close to him.

Niall's P.O.V

    This girl was beautiful, she had such a down to earth attitude, she's so swift and light on her feet. So shy, and she blushes a lot, she acts like she hasn't heard the word beautiful before. Her eyes sparkling in the sun. I hope she knows I like her more than just a friend. We aren't really meant for each other, but I'll fight for her until my last breath.

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