A love so secret.

Samantha Bryant is a normal yet lucky 19 year old girl who guess what but_____she's a backup dancer for one direction.She just joined,well actually she got picked like either two weeks ago or one,but anyways,as she slowly starts to get used to these guys,she seems to find interest in one of them,but!this isn't the kind of interest you call "friends",encase it's the type where you like him,but she could never be happy with such an amazing fellow.Why?oh i know why,because first,they work together and that wouldn't be so right,also,he has some career to focus on.So sadly Sammie isn't going to fulfill her heart.....................or is she?


1. One Amazing yet weird Tuesday

Samantha's P.O.V "5,6,7,8"yelled the choreographer.I swung my Hips in the air and my hands flew up in the scene. "And left,and right"Jorgie said.That was the name of the choreographer. I happily did as she said and by the end,everything was pretty neat. "Hey you rocked Sammie" that was my nickname in the building.I proudly smiled and thanked Farrah who was also a backup dancer.She returned my grin and left off to Lou. I stood on the stage with my water clenched in my hands and me looking suspiciously at the five guys anonymously staring at me with deep glares.The thought kinda scared me. All of a sudden,I felt a tap on my left shoulder.I quickly turned back to see my happy choreographer Jorgie."hey!umm I just wanted to tell you that-" she leaned in closer to my ear. "Your the best dancer on here besides me."she whispered. I looked up at her and gave her a weird smile."thanks"I replied. After our break, we did the dance once again,but this time, the boys stayed out to watch, that didn't really surprise me.I mean if I can't do it with only 5 people, how the hell am I supposed to do it with 8,279 people?or more.... As I did the routine,I noticed a curly boy staring at me with his original cheeky smile.I accidentally chuckled and Jorgie gave me a confused face.I had to stop dancing.The cheeky smile was too contagious. "Uhh Sammie?is everything ok?"Jorgie asked with suspicion.I started to sweat."oh yeah!,I was just thinking of something else"I had to lie.She slowly shook her head and kept dancing.I once again faced Harry,but......that smile wasn't there anymore. Now he was all serious.I guess he didn't want anyone to notice and break our bonding moment.Oh we'll.Its all his fault anyways.Why smile at me in the first place??? A while later, it was time for our lunch break which included only pizza,sandwiches,and caprisun or water. "Hey"I heard a recognizable voice call out.I turned and saw that curly boy that had his cheeky smile again."hey"I replied with a grin as I picked up my food. "So I saw you dance today and.....you don't know how good you are,literally,its no joke"he started to compliment my dancing.I was already numb to those words.So I just gave him a Smile and thanked him. Farrah,me,Taylor,and phoebe,sat together.I also knew that Jorgie would be joining shortly.All the boys say together at their table.Usually they paid no attention to us,but today it's like they took a friendly pill or something. "So how is the food?"Jorgie asked all of us while she settled her plate down."good!"we all said in unison.She smiled and picked up her fork."we'll you guys,I have very brilliant Idea."she randomly said with a small smirk on her face. We all looked confused and startled."what is the idea?"phoebe asked her squinting her eyes. Jorgie chuckled almost choking on her pasta,which is really weird because I didn't know there was pasta. "Ok,we'll you know how this week is all about valentines right?" I immediately got worried of what her plan could be.All of us slowly shook our heads in concern."we'll-"she quickly glanced over at the boys.Which made me wonder....-fuck!- "I was thinking of having a partner dance".....ugh what?


The next chapter won't all be together like this one.

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