Captive in The Dark

Christina is just a regular girl until she is snatched off of the beach on her daily run. when her friend Jen follows her she too finds herself in the hands of her captor. when she does not return home, her mother goes into panic mode. could a stranger she has never met be the key to finding Christina and Jen alive?


8. Paiton Asks Why

Martha's(Jen's mom) point of view:

The boys all walk into the room. The one who seemed particularly upset, stood by the door in shock. He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it.

"This is not Christina. She looks nothing like her picture at least. "

Madison lifts her head and looks at the girls face.

"You're right Louis. This is not my baby girl!  I guess i saw the hair and assumed. I never even looked at her face. Thank you. Wait. Then who is it?"

One of the boys runs out of the room an gets a nurse.

"This young man has instructed me that this girl is not your daughter?"

"No. She is not."

Paiton's point of view:

"Who is she? Why are we here?"

Niall picks me up over his shoulder and takes me back out to the car.

"What. Was. That. For?"

"Louis is in a state of mind right now, or so i have been told. He went to that chicks house. That one who helped us find our apartment. He found this poster of a missing girl. He recognized the girl. Now we are here. Just let him be, for right now. OK?"

"OK. I love you Nialler! I really do. You are so worried about everyone everywhere. Thank you for being my boyfriend!"

I kiss him and grab his hand. We walk back into the hospital and see Louis looking at the body.

"What is he doing?" I say before i open the door.

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