Captive in The Dark

Christina is just a regular girl until she is snatched off of the beach on her daily run. when her friend Jen follows her she too finds herself in the hands of her captor. when she does not return home, her mother goes into panic mode. could a stranger she has never met be the key to finding Christina and Jen alive?


7. My Baby Girl!

Jen's mom's(Martha)point of view:

"Oh Jen. Please don't be Jen!" I whisper to myself as i am driven down to the hospital.

I am taken inside and seated next to a distraught Madison.

"I am so sorry. We just have to hope it is not Christina or Jen."

The body is rolled in on a gurney. I see the blonde hair flop down from the gurney.

"Oh Christina!" I whisper to myself.

"Oh thank god! Jen. I promise. We will bring you home soon!"

Christina's mom turns her attention from the floor to the passing gurney.


As she is screaming i try to contain her to her seat. The hospital doors open and i see five boys and one girl walk in. They sit down next to us. All except one. He is staring down the hall towards the doctors with the body.

"Was that-?"

"Yeeeessss" she crys through her tears.

"Look Madison, i know Christina is dead... But here is the bright side. She protected Jen. And before she died... She also protected my little baby, you remember Laura don't you? My little girl. She was only two when she died. She got sick. When she got sick, who stayed with her more than i did?"


"Yes. Christina. She was amazing.  And she still is! Please don't cry over her death. Cry over her great life!"

"Mrs. Adams?"

"Yes doctor?"

"You may come see her body now. I am sorry. We did everything we could for her."

I guide Madison into the room the doctor said Christina was in an opened the door. She ran over to the bed where her daughter lay, lifeless. She cried on her body.

"I am so sorry madds, Chris was beautiful. She still is!"

"I know she was. I just wish i could have said goodbye to my baby!"

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