Captive in The Dark

Christina is just a regular girl until she is snatched off of the beach on her daily run. when her friend Jen follows her she too finds herself in the hands of her captor. when she does not return home, her mother goes into panic mode. could a stranger she has never met be the key to finding Christina and Jen alive?


10. Lottie

Chris's point of view:

I inch myself over to the only thing in the room i can see. A table. I slide myself up the wall and fin myself hardly able to stand. My legs are weak from lack of food.

I face my back to the drawer in the table and slide it open. I turn around to see one item in the drawer. A key. I pick it up and walk back over to the spot i woke up in. I start to saw at the rope that binds my wrists.

Once the rope snaps, i crawl to the door. I pull myself up by grabbing the door knob. I slise the key into the key whole and find that it fits. It fits! Yes! I turn the knob and open the door. The sight i have opened the door to is odd.

Louis's point of view:

"That's no way to talk to your sister Lou, now is it?"

"I asked you a question Charlotte!"

"You know i hate that name! It's Lottie remember?"

"Fine! What are you doing here LOTTIE?"

"I came to visit. Mum said i needed to stay with you for a few days or so. Just to get me out of her hair for a while."

She grins that familiar smile of hers.

"I missed you Lottie!"

"I know Lou. I missed you too!"

Liam comes out of his bedroom and greets Lottie with a hug.

"I missed you doll face!"

"Watch it Liam! She is my little sister! Don't you be hitting on her!"

Lottie giggles that young laugh i have always loved. That innocent face just melted any anger i have ever had towards her.

"Don't worry mate! I have Allie back home. I love her to bits. I also love Lottie!"

I shoot him an evil glare.

"Like a sister!"

He grabs her face and pretends to lean in for a kiss. He kisses her cheek and smiles at me.

"You are lucky i didn't kill you already mate!"

I go back to my room and try to sleep. I am glad Lottie has come to stay with me. She will help get my mind off of everything that has been happening in these past few hours.

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