Captive in The Dark

Christina is just a regular girl until she is snatched off of the beach on her daily run. when her friend Jen follows her she too finds herself in the hands of her captor. when she does not return home, her mother goes into panic mode. could a stranger she has never met be the key to finding Christina and Jen alive?


1. Kidnapped

Christina's point of view:

As i walk into my dimly lighted kitchen i pull my long blonde hair up into a messy bun. I make my usual morning smoothie.  Two Bananas, 16 1/2 strawberries, and just a hint of salt to bring out the sweetness. I press blend on the machine and hold my hand atop the cap. Once perfectly blended i pour the smoothie into a glass. Yum. What better way to start a morning other than a healthy drink? I finish off the smoothie and wash the dishes that have piled up in the sink. By the time i am finished, my fingers are all prunes of their own. I grab a water bottle and head out side for my daily run. Every day i run for about an hour around the beach near my house.

"Hey Chris!"

"Hey Jen! How are you?"

"Fine. Thanks. Just out for my morning jog. As usual."

"Same here. Well that was my turn. I should probably go. Its the fastest way home from here."

i wave to Jen and make my way towards the boardwalk and to the street.  as i near the wood planks i hear breathing behind me. i turn around fast and see Jen drinking some water. so what if she is following me? we are both just on a morning jog. nothing unusual about today. i run along the edge of the beach where the boardwalk meets the sand for a while. before long i begin to hear heavy breathing behind me again. this time when i turn around i am greeted by a largely built man. i have to look up at him just to see his black eyes.


"can i help you?"


"yes  actually, you can, don't scream."


he puts one of his huge hands on my mouth and the other is used to pick me up. i hear jen scream behind us. "hey! put her down!" she screams non stop until an abrupt ending. i squirm myself out of the large man's grip and see another man has grabbed her and is running towards the man who has me. never in a million years did i think a 17 year old girl on the track team would be kidnapped. this would be the ideal time to commit this crime. 5:30 in the morning, no one is on the beach, no one is in the stores. no one around what so ever. "mmmmmmmm" i try to scream through my captors hand.

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