Captive in The Dark

Christina is just a regular girl until she is snatched off of the beach on her daily run. when her friend Jen follows her she too finds herself in the hands of her captor. when she does not return home, her mother goes into panic mode. could a stranger she has never met be the key to finding Christina and Jen alive?


6. I Know That Girl!

Louis's point of view:   I walk up to the boardwalk and begin my run. I see papers and trash flying all over the wood planks. I stop at a child's play-set. Surrounded by trash. The sand, polluted by plastic and bottles and cans! I stop running to clean.    In moments i see, out of the corner of my eye, the boys helping me. I smile an harry winks. I see the flash of cameras as we help clean the beach. I guess no one has ever seen a celebrity do something as nice and thoughtful as this. We pose for pictures with fans. During the last picture, as the man snapped the photo, a piece of paper flies into my face. I rip it away to reveal the most beautiful face i have ever seen. She is hugging another girl. At the top i see bold letters "missing".    "Missing?" I say to myself. She looks so familiar. Where do i know her from?   Harry punches my arm and tells me to regain focus. I have to take pictures with fans. Only i cat focus. This girl is plastered i to my mind. I run towards our apartment but instead of going in i run right past it. I need to get to her house. And fast!     Harry's point of view:   While Liam and Zayn stay behind to apologize to the fans, i take off running after Louis.    "Where are you going mate?"   "I need to find her!"   "Who?"   "The girls on the flier!"   "Why? There are thousands of missing people. Why these girls?"   "She hit me in the face. I remember her!"   "No Louis! Her poster hit you in the face! Not her. You don't know her."   "Not her, her mum! She smacked me earlier, don't you remember harry?"   "What does she have to do with the paper?"   "This is why she smacked me!"   I arrive at the house we stopped at to ask for directions. I gather my breath and ring the doorbell. I stand as far away from the door as possible so i don't get hit again.    "Hello? Oh you were here earlier to ask for directions. Did you find it OK?"   "Yes. Thank you. I am here to talk about the flier. Is this your daughter?"   She bursts into tears.   "I'm sorry to upset you. I am Louis Tomlinson. I want to help you find her. She is beautiful. I would have never noticed her if i hadn't have met you first."   "She is my daughter. Christina. She went missing a few days ago. I just don't know what to do without her."   "And this other girl?"   "That is Jen. She is a good friend of Christina's. she is missing too. Please come in."   "They are both missing?"   "Yes. My daughter went for her usual run. When 7:30 rolled around and she wasn't home yet, that is when the red flags went off in my head. I searched the beach for hours. Nothing. No one had seen her. Of course she goes running at 5 in the morning so if they did see her they wouldn't have known. We got a letter from the kidnappers saying that Jen had tried to help. So they took her too."   "Have they sent any ransom information yet?"   "No. Oh god. They said they were going to kill her. Please help me find my baby girl."   " I am going to help. I cant stand to see you like this."   'Ding. Ding.'     Her phone makes a sound and she picks it up. Her slow falling tears turn into waterworks as she reads the text. She collapses into the couch. I rub her back and ask for the phone. It is a text from Christina. A picture of a body in a body bag. I cup my hand over my mouth and i myself start to cry. I call the police.    In minutes they are at her door.    "She just received a text from her daughter. I don't think Christina is in the condition to text right now though."
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