My life as directioner

Growing up in a small town is when you are me, my name is Hannah. I have been an only child up until my dad kills my mother and gets me pregnant...... long story short I need to get out............ and fast!


1. the meeting

Louis POV

I wake up to the guys jumping around me on my bed! "Louis waaaaaakkkke up!" Harry shouts at me. "Wake up or ill put ice cubes down your shirt!" Niall yelled. I sprang up instantly wondering what time it was. I looked at my phone with shock. "Guys! Its 6 o'clock in the morning, what are you doing!" "Were putting you on youtube!" Zayn replied. " I went to the bathroom to see what they did to me. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed with anger but laughed. I could hear the guys laughing their heads off! "HAHAHAHAHA Lou you look great!"They all screamed. They put makeup on me! Well serves me right for pantsing them a little while back. But you have to admit it was pretty funny. I looked out my window. The sun had just shined in the UK over my house. It was beautiful.

Hannahs POV

I woke up. My dad usually sleeps until 9 so I had time to escape from the anger and pain in my life.sometimes I just wish that I could be someone else just for a day. I guess that's not happening soon. But I wish it could. I had escaped that house I had left behind I hope my dad(morelike stranger to me) wouldn't find me, I don't like my dad so ill call him by his real name steve.Iheard my dad open his door in the house I started running as fast as I could. I heard him scream "HANNAH I'M GONNA FIND YOU SOONER OR LATER AND YOU'RE DEAD! HEAR ME DEAD!
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