Freshman Year

Ava Lovette. 14 years old. Her two best friends, Rose Anderson and Griffen Roberts, help her get through their high school years. The beginning, and I mean the very beginning of the story begins in the summer before freshman year.


1. Summer- July

            I hate smoking pot. I haven't done it, but it just grosses me out. Actually, any type of smoking grosses me out. So tell me- why is it that I have a hookah pen now, and, I really like a kid who lives on it? What happened in that short period of time, where I don't really care about much anymore? Is it because it's summer? Have I finally given into peer pressure, or that weight on my shoulders that everyone does it, and I should too? What made my thoughts change? Was it him? I have no idea, but I want to know why it all changed so fast. 

           Today is the first day I officially have nobody to call. Of course, I have people to call, but I don't. Everyone is busy. Best friend- With the guy she likes, Everyone- With everyone. I don't want to invite myself.. so, I took advice from "We Bought A Zoo" 

           '20 Seconds of courage. That's all you need'. And I called Him. Him as in the guy I really like. Him as in Andrew. I honestly think we'd be pretty cute together.. We're complete opposites, and don't they attract?

          He's got blondish hair, while I have medium brown hair.. not dark but not light. He's shorter, and I'm taller than him. He has a more defined jawline, and I don't, I have bigger cheekbones, he has these gorgeous blue eyes (That I can barley even look into) while I have dark reddish brown eyes. I'm tan, he's kinda pale. He's athletic, and I just run 3 miles once every 3 days to keep in shape. We both have a pretty good sense of humor. Our families are different too. I don't know. He's beyond attractive, and even though people say I'm gorgeous (Which I don't see) I'm not. So, as you see, we should be together. If it was by law that you had to be with someone opposite with you, I think I'd pretty much be good. 

          In a perfect world, I would be breaking hearts, and every guy would like me. But, in reality, I'm 13, (14 in August) and I haven't kissed anyone, haven't had a boyfriend, or any of that good stuff. Girls in my grade are already giving blow jobs, and here's me, never been kissed. That's very rare these days. When Andrew found out about how I haven't kissed anyone, he was in shock. That was when he was walking Lauren and I home, from just hanging out. SHe told him hoping he would get the hint and kiss me once we dropped her off at her house, but, sadly, he didn't take the hint. 

         Besides the fact that I was screamed at for being about 17 minutes late, it turned out to be a pretty good night. He walked me home, and conversation came so easy. Then, when my dad called bitching at me where I was, he was comforting me, and when I told him to go around so my father wouldn't kill him, he gave me one of those tight hugs that you never want to let go of. I also got to walk away with his bracelet that I haven't given back since. 

         All I'm saying is that my goal for the summer is to get my first kiss, and I'm really wanting it to be him..


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