Freshman Year

Ava Lovette. 14 years old. Her two best friends, Rose Anderson and Griffen Roberts, help her get through their high school years. The beginning, and I mean the very beginning of the story begins in the summer before freshman year.


2. Chapter 2

              I stepped into my shower, and stood in the warm water for 5 minutes. Before I got in, I made sure to put my phone in the speakers, and opened the Pandora app. I turned on the "Shaggy" radio, and got in. I picked up my blue "Herbal Essences" bottle of shampoo, and squeezed a large amount in my hand, and started scrubbing my hair. While doing this, I started thinking of what I was even going to do today.. I have nothing to do. Literally. 

          "I'm not doing shit today." *rinse* "No point in getting ready" I kinda sighed. Nobody can hang out! Well.. Nate asked me to come over but I don't know I don't really want to. 

Why am I in such a bad mood? Nothing happened. What is wrong with me? Oh, I know, I'm forever a fuckin lone, and I have no friends. 

Alright, I'm sitting down. I plopped on my shower floor and I just let the water pour over me as I just thought of perfect scenarios that I know will never happen. 

After 30 minutes, I finally got out. I wrapped a towel around my hair, and my body, and I took my phone out of the dock. As I started to open the bathroom door, My phone started ringing. I looked down at my screen to see who would be bothering me now, and I read the name "Andrew Locasio" oh god. Why is he calling me. 




"Wanna chill?"

"Oh. Um yeah!! Who you with?"

"Nolan. "

"Oh. ok.. can I just get dressed and I'll call you back?"


"Alright.. Bye"

"Cool. Bye"

MY STOMACH HAS BUTTERFLIES. OH GOD. I did a little happy dance, to celebrate good luck (Something very rare for me), and I ran into my room. I grabbed my laptop and opened spotify and started playing  "Baby, I love your way" by Big Mountain. I sat down at my makeup desk, and began putting on my top eyeliner. I do these little wings, and I got them down. I put on pencil eyeliner, mascara, covered up this gross scab I have on the corner of my eyebrow, and put on Kat Von D.'s "Belisima" blush. I then moved to my closet and found aqua blue shorts, and a black tank top from Victoria's Secret's PINK, that says "Love Pink" in cursive font, and spelled out in sequence. Perfect outfit. I moved to the bathroom once I had clothes on, and blow dried my hair. I called them back, and it was 6:30 pm. I waste lots of time. We decided on meeting at The Village Square, at 7:45. My nails were disgusting and the polish was chipped, so I decided to kill time and paint my nails. Toes I did a light blue green color, and for my fingers I did an aqua color, with sparkles over it, and a matte top coat for them both. Before I know it, it's 8 and I'm rushing my ass out the door, and it started to rain. I called Nolan (Fun Fact: He's 19) and told them to meet me under the big tent in the Village Square. My dad drove me, and the rain was already dying out by the time he pulled over in front of the park where I hopped out and walked over to them. Andrew was on his bike, and Nolan was on his longboard. 

"Hey Ava!" 

"Hey Nolan!"

"Hi Andrew.."


"So what do you guys want to do?"

"Well does anyone have money?" Andrew looked at both me and Nick, and I slowly raised my hand

"Ahh sweet. Could you please buy me Baskin Robin's?" Andrew gave me a sweet little smile as he said it, and started blinking rapidly 

"Fine. Only because I'm nice"

"Mmm Debatable." 

"Want the ice cream or not?"


I laughed and crossed the street to Baskin Robin's, where I saw one of my best friends. We talked for a little bit, and I walked inside the store to see Andrew pacing and not knowing what to get. He finally decided on an oreo 31 below, and I handed over my debit card, and we walked out. 

Nolan spoke up and informed us that he had to go home (He has work tomorrow) But Andrew and I could come and hang out outside for a little. When we got there Andrew asked me who I like and i was like "Nobody." 

Shorty after that, Nolan's mom came outside and told us we had to leave, and that left just him and I together. It was scary. 

"So um.. what do you want to do?" I shyly asked him, not looking at him. See, when I talk to him, I can't look at him. I can't make eye contact because when he looks at me, I feel so watched and uncomfortable. 

"Let's just walk back to my house since we live in the same direction." 

We walked (Well I walked and he took Nolan's bike) and talked about everything. Conversation always comes so easy with him, and I never have any problems with him unless he looks at me. Then I look away. But it was kind of a long distance. By the time we reached his house, it was 10:00 and I had to be home at 10:30. 

Thank god he brought out his dog, because she like, saved my life. I had an excuse not to talk because I was petting her. He tried making me laugh (which he did) multiple times, and we sat in his driveway. We just talked. It was so fun and everything was natural. I got home at 10:40 exactly.


The Village Square is that one place that everything happens. That's where people hang out, and meet up, it where the town has "Oakwood Days" 

Oakwood is the name of my town, and Oakwood Days is like a carnival that everyone in the town goes to, and you go there with your friends and you always do fun things after. Last year, we would go to this kid's house (We don't talk much anymore) and we would watch scary movies. Everyone is at camp, so the bitchy girls won't be there. Which is really nice because they won't be hanging on all of the boys. I don't know I'm kinda hoping that this year will be better then last year. Don't even get me started on homecoming, I know I'm not getting asked. UGHHHHHHH


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