Love At First Sight

You and Niall hear your baby Darcy crying you go to her room she cant sleep so you tell her the story of how you first met and your birthday which is on Valentine's Day. Then you remember its Niall's tour day to find out what's happens read this story


1. First Kiss

As you and Niall sit and stair each other in bed you hear your baby, Darcy crying you jump up and dash to her room with Niall chasing  after you. When  you get into her room you pick her up and kiss her forehead.  "What's wrong honey?" you ask her.  "Mum will you tell me a story she says.  'Of course love," Niall says from behind you.  "Let's tell her how we first met Niall' you suggest.  "That sounds  great "he replies.  'Ok so at first we didn't know each other ,but in high school Uncle Louis and Daddy were in a band called One Direction".  "Isn't that the band Daddy's in right now Mum?" "Yeah it is," you answered.  "And one night the band was coming over for a meat," you say.  "And when I saw Mum I begged Uncle Louis introduce us," Niall says.  "And when Uncle Louis finally did I kissed her hand and said hi love." You start to blush like crazy so Niall wraps his arms around you and kisses you. "The rest of the night we couldn't stop starring at each other, "you  say.  What did you do for your birthday Mum," Darcy asked.  "Well you say my birthday is on Valentines Day so that made it extra special," you say as you remember what happened. You woke up and Niall wasn't there so you thought he might be in the kitchen.   When you  get there you see at note that read "Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day princes sorry I couldn't be there I hope you have a good day love you.  You cant believe you forgot it was Niall's tour day.   You run to the laptop to see if he is on Skype. When you long on you see that he is yes you say when suddenly you hear a knock at the door. You get up wondering who is on the other side you open it.  "Good morning princes, "you hear some one say. When you look you see that it was Niall who said it.  You don't know what to say only some words come out. "What , how did you." Finally you just hug him. your just so happy that's he's hear you don't know what to do.  So you just say "I love you Niall". "I love you to," he replies. So you spend the rest of the day together and wonder how he even was able to get home.

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