Well, this is new

Gracie, a 17 year old, wants to take an adveture. One of the first places she wants to go is London, England. When she arrives, she is greeted by someone she never would have guessed because she didn't know who they were.


1. Introduction

Hi, my name is Gracie. I have medium-long hair, emerald-green eyes, and a semi-fit body. I have big dreams planned ahead of me. I want to be a professional dancer, but i can do a lot of other things than just dance. I can sing, act, and do many sports. So to get started, finally, I want to pursue my dreams and travel around the world to try to get into a really good dance school. Anywayyyy, my best friend Emily is going to come with me so i won't be lonely. We have been saving up money so we can go to one place in particularly: London, England.

"Okay mom, I'm going to meet Emily at Starbucks!", I yelled across the house.


"Ok. I'll see you later tonight!." she called back.


 "I love you, bye," I said walking past her.


"I love you too."


I look exactly like my mom. Same curly, light brown hair, sharp green eyes, and same body shape. For being middle aged, she looked pretty good. Usually when people hit like, 35, they start getting fat. Yeah, i know its mean, but im just stating the facts. As for my dad, well he isn't in the picture anymore since he decided just to get up and walk out of  my life. I hate him for doing that. If he tried to get back in my life i would gladly decline. Back to reality...  I walked out the door and hopped in my Mercedes and drove away to Starbucks.

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