Forever Young<3

Bethany just moved from her home in the U.S to England with he best friend Mikee. They moved in their new apartment and find out who lives next door. But these noisy neighbors just wanna get close to Bethany...real close.


6. Sleepover

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                                                                                                    Bethany's P.O.V


As we all walked into the apartment, Harry closed andlocked the door behind him. "That was crazy." I said. "I had no idea that you two knew eachother. I wonder why he never told me." I finnished.

"Probably didn't want to embarass himself." Zayn said. "  But it's over now. I am not going to stress over something as stupid as that."

"Bethany, love. Where are you going to sleep tonight?" Liam asked me. I didn't want to be rude or anything since they were nice enough to let me even stay the night here. "The couch, that is if it's okay with you guys." I said. "Are you sure?" Liam asked. "Yeah, it's fine. It's your guys' place anyway." I said.

"Allright, here are some blankets and pillows for you." Louis said as he set them on the couch. "Thank you, Louis." I said.

"Okay then Bethany, goodnight. See you tomorrow." Niall said. We all exchanged hugs. "Goodnight guys. And thanks agin." I said. "Anytime." Harry smiled at me. Zayn stayed behind though. "So, 'Bad Boy.' You going to sleep or what?" I asked. He smiled at me. "I don't want you to get lonely now, love. Thought you might enjoy some company." he smiled and came closer to me.

"As long as it's your company." I said as he wrapped his hands gently around my waist. I put my hands on the back of his neck. "You don't enjoy our company?!" Niall interupted with a mouth full of food. Zayn shot him the death glare. "Jeez mate, chill your balls. I'm leaving, I'm leaving." he said as he backed up. "Night, Niall." I said. He winked at me and Zayn and went upstairs.

"Now, where were we?" Zayn said. I leaned closer filling the gap between our lips until they collided. We stayed that way for quite a while. When we pulled apart, we just looked into eachother's eyes. "Get some rest, love." he said leading  me towards the couch (a.k.a. my "bed"). I layed down and he layed next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my shoulder. "Goodnight, Bethany." he whispered. "Goodnight, Zayn." I said before closing my eyes. I try to replay everything that happened today. I move next to One Direction, I meet them all, Mikee hates Zayn, Zayn hates Mikee, Zayn likes me, I like Zayn. Wow. I repeat that over and over until the sandman gets me and I pass out.


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