Forever Young<3

Bethany just moved from her home in the U.S to England with he best friend Mikee. They moved in their new apartment and find out who lives next door. But these noisy neighbors just wanna get close to Bethany...real close.


5. Flashback

                                                                                                    Zayn's P.O.V

I was starting school now. A new school. Being an 8th grader, it was gonna be kinda hard to make new friends. But i slowly dragged myself to my new bus stop and just stood ther all alone. It felt so weird. I was used to everyone wanting to talk to me,(i was really popular at my old school), but a young lad started walking towards me. "Hey there mate! New here?" he said. "Yeah..." i replied shyly. "The name's Mikee. How 'bout you?" "Um, Zayn." he stuck out his hand for me to shake. I shook it. "Welcome to Bradford Junior High Zayn!" (A/N: Sorry, i needed a name:p) Turns out, Mikee and I had a bunch of classes together, and we became really good friends. Later on in the school year, Mikee got a girlfriend. Her name was Jessi. She was really pretty, but took advantage of Mikee. I would always try to tell im, but he was so in love everything i said went in one ear and out the other. Jessi really likedme though. She would always use Mikee to get closer to me. But i hated her. Mikee always would accuse me of trying to get with hhis girl, when really i could care less about her. One day, i was at my locker getting out some books. I closed my locker and Jessi was standing right there. "Hey there big boy." she said getting closer to me. I staerted to back away, but she just got closer and closer. "Please leave me alone Jess. I dont like you!" We were the only ones in the hall now. "But zayneee, i want you babe." "Go awa-" she cut me off and started kissing me. Ironicly when that started, Mikee saw us. "HEY!! asshole! Get your fish lips of my girl!" Mikee screamed running at me. Jessi got off of me and looked at me disgusted. "Uhg! What are you doing, Malik?!" she was making it look like all my fault! Mikee lunged at me and started beating me up. I reacted and started kicking his ass. We finally broke apart and looked at eachother. His clothes were ripped, his mouth was bloody, his eye was black, and im pretty sure i broke his nose. "DONT YOU EVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN MALIK!!! I HATE YOU, MOTHER FUCKER!" and with that he walked away. But Jessi looked back at me and mouthed the words 'Call Me'. I flicked the bitch off. For the rest of the year, Mikee and I never got along. We would often get in fist fights, even thogh i put him in the hospitalonce. Jessi eventually broke up with him. Like a week after she kissed me. Mikee of course blames me for it. Not my fault she wanted all this.;)


                                                                                                     Bethany's P.O.V

After Zayn explained everything i looked at Mikee shocked. "How could you not tell me about this?! Is it even true?" "Well, most of it, i mean look who's tellin' the story." Zayn again lunged at him. But Liam was there to block him off. "Zayn, Mikee, i think you guys need to cool off." Liam said. He leaned close to me and whispered, "Do you want to stay with us?" "Yeah...i dont feel really safe here right now. Mikee, i am going to a hotel tonight." i lied. i only did it to protect the boys. I went to "pack" my clothes. "We can talk about this tomorrow." I told Mikee. The boys andI left at the same time, and we all joined eachother next door.

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