Forever Young<3

Bethany just moved from her home in the U.S to England with he best friend Mikee. They moved in their new apartment and find out who lives next door. But these noisy neighbors just wanna get close to Bethany...real close.


3. Falling For You

Bethany's P.O.V

"So what movie do you guys wanna watch?'' Liam asked. I hated horror movies, but i kind of wanted to watch one. Not because i wanted to see the movie (which i didnt at all) i just wanted to snuggle up with Zayn. His strong but gental arms make me feel safe. His big brown eyes were the most amazing things i have ever seen. i could stare into them all day if i wanted to. And his hair was perfect. Not to mention his plump pink lips. I just wanted to kiss him so ba right now. I guess he caught me staring at him because he waved his hand in front of me. "Hello?! Earth to Bethany!" Zayn was giggling now. I felt my cheeks turn bright red. "By the way, you are cute when you blush." Zayn seductivly whispered in my ear. I looked at him in shock and he just winked at me. "I guess we can watch Mama." I said. Not breaking eye contact with Zayn. That was the scariest movie they had. "You sure about that? Wont get to scary for you?" he said and bit his lip. "Try me." i said and winked, turned around and flipped my hair.

                                                                                                    Zayn's P.O.V

Talk about the way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. Wow. She was perfect. And she was flirty. I liked that a lot. She was absolutely stunning, her face, her hair, evreything was great. I knew all of the boys we going to want a peice of her. I just wanted to hold her and call her mine. Its too bad her friend was that total asshole Mikee. I hated him so much. Besides that, i knew from that moment on, i was falling. Hard.


Bethany's P.O.V

This was going to be the best night of my life. I know Mikee seemed a little sad when he left, but we have had thousands of movie nights together. I was sure it was not going to hurt him for one nigh. Plus, he wasnt my dad, and sure as hell wasnt my boyfriend. So i dont have to listen to him. Anyway, we all got together some blankets and i went to go change in my pajamas. Harry and Louis sat on their pillows on the ground, Niall sat in a big recliner chair and he just about brought the entire fridge with him, Liam sat on one end of their huge couch, and I sat next to Zayn. "Dont worry babe, i wont let the scary monsters get you." Zayn teased pulling me closer to him. I snuggled into his chest and every time a scary part came on, where was Bethany? Under the blankets, hinding behind a pillow, and close up in Zayn's body. Harry, Niall, and Liam were also scared of the movie. Louis just kept yelling at the screen telling the person over and over not to go in the room. He was so funny. When the movie ended it was almost midnight. "Thank you guys for having me over. I had and amazing time." I thanked the boys. "No problem." they all said in unison. "I'll walk you out babe." Zayn said and held my hand. "Wait! Bethany, do you wanna hand out with us tomorrow?" Niall asked in his adorable Irish accent. "Sure! See you guys tomorrow then." i said. Zayn led me out and shut the door when we got outside the room. "I had a great time tonight, Zayn. Thank you for everything." "Anytime. And maybe tomorrow night, we can watch a scarier movie. I liked the whole cuddling up thing." Zayn grinned. "Well, what happend to that Bad Boy side?" I teased. He grabbed me by the waist and looked me straight in the eye. "Oh, i can be bad, baby." He slowly said. I wrapped my hands around his neck. "Prove it." I whispered. He loked at my lips, bit his lip, looked me in the eye again, and i couldnt take his teasing anymore. "Just kiss me, Malik." And with that, our lips collided. His soft lips and cool breath felt so good against my pink lips. We eventually pulled away. "How was that for bad?" he joked. "Oh, that was bad alright." "I'll see you tomorrow babe." he smiled and kissed me once more. We went our seperate ways, and when i entered my new home i was greeted with a very angry looking Mikee.

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