Forever Young<3

Bethany just moved from her home in the U.S to England with he best friend Mikee. They moved in their new apartment and find out who lives next door. But these noisy neighbors just wanna get close to Bethany...real close.


1. New City

"Thats the last one, i hope." said Mikee as he put down the heavy box. "I like it, think its nice lookin'. Dont you think so Beth?" Bethany was a 19 year old American girl. She was about 5'6, tan skin, long brown hair, and big blue eyes. She looked out the window in awe. "I can see the whole city of London from up here! Its beautiful Mikee!" she almost yelled. "Not as beautiful as you." Mikee mumbled to himself. "What?" "Oh-um,n-nothin'." Mikee studdered. Mikee was 19 as well. Black spikey hair, dark brown eyes, a good looking guy. he had always loved Bethany more than a freind, but she didn't like him that way. She just wanted to remain close friends. 'Still in the damn freindzone mate' mikee thought to himself. They spent the afternoon unpacking all of their boxes, but every once and a while they would hear yelling, laughing, and jumping around next door. "Noisy neighbors." said Bethany. "I'll say." "I'm gonna go say hi and introduce myself. Wanna come, mikee?" "Nah, i'll saty here, you go ahead." he said. "K, be back in a few." Bethany walked out of her neat, clean apartment and went to the next door on the right. She knocked on the door 3 times. She heard mummbles and shuffling. When they opened the door, Bethany's jaw dropped to the floor. One Direction was next door to me!

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