Alea needed to get away. Her mother had just died in a car crash and her father was always drunk. Her brother was the only thing she had until he went off to college. One night Alea came home to her dad drunk and he kicked her out. She's on the streets alone. What will happen when it is pouring rain and five boys, one direction, see her on a park bench?


10. Chapter 8: Fights and Dates

~Ok. So I know I told you guys i would put louis' POV in the story, so here you go!~

Fights and dates

Louis' POV

"Okay, we will arrest him as soon as possible. Just give us your address." the officer stated. We had just got to the police station. I am full of worry. What if they can only put him in jail for a couple years? I don't want him hurting Alea again. "Um, 123 Main Street. Officer, how long will he be away?" Alea said. Her eyes were still full of tears but she had managed to calm down quite a bit. 'Well, he will be charged with assult on two people. If he has been doing this for a while like you said, I'd say about seven years." the officer said. He then walked out of the room. I could hear muffled voice from outside of the room. Soon after a lady came in. she was young, and very pretty. "You're free to go, we will leave to get him in a minute or so. Good luck with your cheek," she turned to Alea. "thanks." Alea mumbled. The lady walked out leaving the door open. 

When we arrived home it was around four. So we opened the door and I lead her to my room. I don't have time for a fight right now. Zayn was coming from the bathroom. "Hey- oh my God what happened? are you okay?" Zayn asked. I sent him a glare. "No, Lou, it's okay. I want to tell him. I meet you in your room in 10 minutes." I let her go and went into my room. i plopped myself down on the bed. what could they be talking about? I had a horrible feeling it wasn't just about today. But I have to trust her. After all, when she came in I had something to ask her. 


Alea's POV

I followed Zayn into his room. It was surprisingly very neat. I sat down on his bed. It was very comfortable and soft. "Okay, so spill." he said, sitting down criss-cross apple sauce on his bed. I laughed and be blushed. Wait, he blushed? Pushing that thought aside, I began to talk about today. I told him everything that happened today. I noticed it was way more than ten minutes. But I didn't care, I needed to talk to someone else I could trust. I just hope Louis wasn't worrying. 


Louis' POV

Where was she? It was almost 20 minutes! I was about to go to his room and barge in when Alea finally arrived. "What happened? You're ten minutes late!" I shouted. "I was talking to Zayn. He's a really good listener." she answered, not noticing how mad I was. I couldn't believe her, blowing me off like that! How could she? " And I'm not?" I demanded an answer. I was getting tired of thinking someone was taking her. "You are! But Zayn is someone who hasn't heard and I can also trust him! I can also talk to other boys, can't I? YOu don't own me!" She shouted back, getting angrier. I realized I made a mistake. I was acting like her dad used to. She was crying now, and she ran out. "Alea, wait!" I yelled running after her. Oops. And I was going to ask her out on a first date. 

~I'm gonna make a part 2 to this so don't think that was the "date" part of the chapter! I'm going to add a huge twist soon. Luv ya fries!~

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