Alea needed to get away. Her mother had just died in a car crash and her father was always drunk. Her brother was the only thing she had until he went off to college. One night Alea came home to her dad drunk and he kicked her out. She's on the streets alone. What will happen when it is pouring rain and five boys, one direction, see her on a park bench?


8. Chapter 6: Things I don't mean


Things I don't mean

Alea's POV

     I woke up to an alarm clock playing The A Team by Ed sheeran (my fav song!!!). I got up but was held down by Louis. He hit the off button on it and whispered  "Sleep." I looked at him, then at the clock. "But it's 8 and I smell pancakes!" I replied. "I don't care, I just want to cuddle with you." I almost died. He wanted to cuddle?!?!? I turned over so he couldn't see my burning face. He pulled me closer, if that was even possible. I felt a soft kiss on my forehead. I realized I hadn't answered him. My tummy growled. "But Louis-" I tried but was cut off. "Fine but I'm coming." So I rolled out of bed. I looked in his mirror and decided I looked decent. So we went downstairs.

    I was greeted by a hello from Harry. Ugh, of course it was him making pancakes. "Do they smell good?" he asked. "Sure" I noticed I replied meanly and he looked hurt. I was about to apologize when Louis pulled me to the table and plopped me on his lap. "What was that for?" he asked, sternness in his voice. "I didn't mean it like that. I never got a chance to apologize so if you'll excuse me" with that I got up and walked back to the kitchen. (We were sitting in the dining room.) "Harry?" I called. "What?" He said coldly. " I'm sorry about that. I was tired. They really do smell good." I said. He glared at me. I was unsure what to do next, so I just stood there while he continued to glare. Finally he spoke. "what, did your dad over there tell you to say that?"He looked over at Louis. I was surprised. I couldn't believe he said that to me. I wanted to curl up in a ball and die. Even though I did hate him, I hated seeing him hurt. "N-no. Harry I'm sorry." I stuttered. "Don't stutter, it's unattractive." he replied. 

"Oh please. Like you never had. I was trying to apologize but now I know I was wrong. Your just what I thought you were, a player who hold grudges. Only wants sluts. Has a million one night stands because you'll never get a girlfriend. And I won't be surprised if you die alone! You're a whiny little baby. That's why i hate you." I snapped. He looked like he had just seen a ghost.  I turned around and stormed out of the kitchen. I saw all of the boys look at me with the same expression as Harry's. But I didn't care, i just wanted to leave. "Alea! Wait!" I heard Louis scream as he ran towards me. He caught up to me and spun me around. "what" I answered coldly. "we still have to go and get your stuff from your house. I'm not letting you live with him anymore. Even if you're fighting." That sentence made my blood run cold.


~Hey french fries! You might notice at the top of each chapter I now put the chapter name. I made it so it's easier for you fries. Please comment me what you think! I love you guys! Byee~

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