Alea needed to get away. Her mother had just died in a car crash and her father was always drunk. Her brother was the only thing she had until he went off to college. One night Alea came home to her dad drunk and he kicked her out. She's on the streets alone. What will happen when it is pouring rain and five boys, one direction, see her on a park bench?


16. Chapter 12: Nightmares

~Yo!!! I'm writin this while watching Hotel Transilvania! It's an awesome movie, even when your 19. Don't judge ;) 


Alea's POV

I was running in the woods. It was pitch black so I kept bumping into trees. I couldn't remember who I was running from.

Just then I tripped over a root. I was sure my leg was broken. I couldn't move. I tried and tried, but my body couldn't move. 

Finally, he showed up. He had blood all over his blue polo shirt. He had a bloody knife in his hand. He looked at me with revenge 

in his eyes. It was then I realized who it was, my dad. He swung the knife and with one sharp jab, he had stabbed me in the heart. 

I woke up in a cold sweat. It was still dark, and the time was 3:00. I untangled Louis' arms from around me. I slid out of the bed and made my way over to the bathroom. I walked in and locked the door behind me. I sat down on the toliet to calm my nerves. 

Louis' POV

I woke up because something was missing. I realized it was Alea. She was gone. I quickly got out of bed, suddenly awake, even though it was only 3:00 am. I walked down the hall. I stopped when I came to the bathroom. I heard crying, from a girl, Alea. I knocked on the door, and opened it. "Alea, babe? Are you alright?" I looked inside. She was curled up in a ball by the bath tub. She was also crying her heart out. "No." She replied. It was simple, but had a lot of meaning. I crouched down beside her and held her tight. "Louis, he was chasing me. He was all b-bloody. He stabbed me!" she sobbed. I was holding her for comfort. I would never let anyone hurt her ever again. They would have to kill me first. Wow, sounds like I love her. Little did we know something big was about to happen that will change our lives forever. 


~There you go! Byee fries!!! <3~

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