Alea needed to get away. Her mother had just died in a car crash and her father was always drunk. Her brother was the only thing she had until he went off to college. One night Alea came home to her dad drunk and he kicked her out. She's on the streets alone. What will happen when it is pouring rain and five boys, one direction, see her on a park bench?


15. Chapter 11: Picnics

Two chapters in one night? You must have won the lottery! Lol enjoy mah fries!!! <3


Louis' POV

She said yes! I had a lot of planning to do. But first I picked her up bridal style and took her to my room. I placed her on my bed. "Why don't you finish your nap while I go plan our date?" I mumbled to her. "But my dohnuts!" she squealed and I couldn't help but laugh. She is too cute. I went over to my desk and got the dohnuts I had saved her. I held them out and she grabbed at them quickly. But I pulled away before she could get them. "Nope, these come with a price." I exclaimed. I had a plan in my head. Evil, yes. Mean, no. "What?" she asked, a look of fake worry in her eyes. I almost fell for it too, except i saw she was hiding back a laugh. "Oh yes, in order to eat these, you have to catch me first." I said, and then quickly darted off. 

Alea's POV

Louis darted off. I jumped out of bed and chased him down the hall. He was fast, I had to admit, but I was not giving up. We raced into the back yard. I jumped on his back and he gave me a piggy back ride to a quilt on the ground. It was surrounded by trees. It was quite beautiful. I noticed a picnic basket on the quilt. "You like it?" He asked. Of course i loved it, it was awesome. "Yeah." was all I said. 

We both sat down on the quilt and stared at the sky. The place we were sitting was very shady. The trees were huge, with the greenest leaves I had ever saw. For a while we just talked, about anything and everything. It felt nice, like I could tell him anything. This was definatly the best date ever. In the basket there was ham sandwhiches, chrisps, soda, and watermelon. The watermelon was really sweet and yummy. I wonder how he got it. Anyway, we headed in at about 8:00. I held his hand as we walked inside. We were both really tired so we went upstairs. As we lay in bed we talked.

"I'll give you twenty dollars tomorrow if you don't fight with Harry. He's a really nice guy, just get to know him." He remarked. "I'll try, but he better not talk to me than." We laughed at the thought of it. Than we fell asleep, still holding hands.


~Sorry if it didn't make much sense.~

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