Alea needed to get away. Her mother had just died in a car crash and her father was always drunk. Her brother was the only thing she had until he went off to college. One night Alea came home to her dad drunk and he kicked her out. She's on the streets alone. What will happen when it is pouring rain and five boys, one direction, see her on a park bench?


7. Authors note

Heyy guys. So i've been reading the comments about how you think my story is good. But honestly, I don't think it is...


So I'm asking for help.


I'm thinking about adding a fight with Harry. Ya know, cause I hate him and all. Anyway, so there will be this big fight that will change our lives forever. I have something in mind, but I need extra parts.

That's where you guys come in. I need you to put something Harry would say to me, what I would say back, if any violence will be involved, what it could be about, and if the other boys would know. CHEATING is possible, keep that in mind. I'm sorry in advance if yours doesn't get picked. I already have a couple things. I hope you like it!


I needed a name to call u guys. I'm going to call you my french fries. I know it's stupid, but bear with me. And don't ask me where I got the name from,1. it's a long story, and 2. it'll admit how stupid I really am. 


Also think about  this: Will Shane come back? Will the boys go on tour,will Alea get kidnapped, raped, or even killed? Will the boys betray her?


I'm not gonna tell you any of that information! I'm so evil. Muahahaha!


Well, goodbye french fries! 

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