Imagine for Onedirectionlova

Imagine for Onedirectionlova.


1. Imagine for Onedirectionlova

  I pulled my dirty blonde hair into a pony tail as I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I figured it was only one of my friends, or the cell phone company, telling me I owed money on my cell. I knew I owed money on my phone, I just havent gotten to it quite yet. I settled on my hair, seeing the pony tail would not get much better than it was now, and pulled my phone out of my  pocket. When I saw the name on the brightly lit screen, I smiled. The screen read: Zayn:)

Zayn: Hey babe, you up for a date tonight? xx

Me: Of course, if you are:)

Zayn: So, I can pick you up. I'm on my way down through there already now:))

Me: Okay, come right in. I might need a few minutes. Xx

Zayn: Okay:)

I filled my hands with water and brought them to my face, splashing my face with the cold water. It jolted me more awake. It was evening and I was getting ready to rest. When Zayn texted me, I just kind of told myself I would need to stay more awake. He wouldnt like me dozing off in the middle of whatever we were doing. He never told me what we were going to do with our dates, so I never knew what to wear. I ran into my room, grabbing my favourite dark purple dress. It was so tight fitting. It was Zayn's favourite dress of mine (movella cover is dress.) The half-sleeves are lacey, making the short tight dress look somewhat less revealing. I chose some white wedge heels to go along with the dress, and completed the look with curling my hair. I had to take down my not-quite-so-perfect pony tail and curl it. When I curl my hair, it looks it's best. I think it's my favourite hair-style for myself.

I heard a car in the driveway, I almost fell over, turning so fast on my white heels. I quickly put makeup on, eye liner, mascara and some lightly coloured lipgloss. I heard the door open after a few knocks. He was so polite. I smiled to myself, and studied myself in the mirror. Sometimes, I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world, other times I think what does he want with me? I look at my green eyes, flashing before me, my face framed by my dirty blonde hair. I ran a finger under my eyes, where some lack of sleep had taken it's toll on my under-eyes. Leaving behind it's horrible bags. Bags are supposed to be cute accesories, not on your face. Which reminded me, I'd left my purse on it's hook. I ran to my room, almost tripping again. I grabbed my purse from it's place on my bed, and trying hard not to trip, I walked back out. I almost ran into Zayn, who was trying to find me, he was in the hallway. His mouth dropped open when he saw me. I smirked and placed two fingers on his chin, closing his mouth.

"Babe, you're almost drooling." I say, and giggle. He's staring right into my eyes now, his smirk growing.

"That is my favourite one of your dresses." He says, his voice is so perfect. His accent, his hair, his lips, his eyes. Okay, Shania, focus! The date.

"Okay, my lady, shall we go?" He asks me, not quite pulling off the prince talk, but he was my prince no matter what he said or did. I nodded, and looped my arm through his, and we started walking out. Once we got to the living room, the rug tripped me and I fell further into Zayn, who caught me. Placing one hand on the hip opposite of him. I blushed so bad. I could've been flat on my face. 

"You okay?" He asked. I nodded, not quite looking up at him.

"I guess you should take me to get walking lessons instead." I said, trying to laugh it off, but I just shrugged it away.

"Nahhhh, you're fine. You'll get the hang of those shoes." He says, reassuring me. I smiled and felt myself hugging closer to Zayn. I guess he'd noticed too.

"Afraid you're going to fall over again babe?" He asked me, and I smirked up at him.

"Yes, yes that's it." I say, making sure he sees me wink and hears my sarcasm. He leads me out to his car, and starts it up after helping me inside. My shoe get's caught in the door, and Zayn smirks and shakes his head. 

"Those shoes are going to get you killed babe, please go change them?" He says, worry clouding in his deep eyes. I agreed and he led me back inside, fearing I might accidentally kill myself by walking in there. I smirked as I ran to my room, shoes off now, and grabbed a different pair of heels. Ones that I have more experience walking in. I walked out into the living room, and we walked out to the car, this time, I didnt trip up. Zayn drove for about five minutes before pulling into the place we were going to. I instantly noticed a dance club. I never had been to one, but I could tell they were extrememely loud and easy to be lost from your loved one or friends. I realised I would have to be on Zayn's side the whole time, or else I would get lost. In the sea of drunk people. Who could do anything they felt like it, and not remember any of it. Maybe they were sweet people, but once there was alcohol involved, nobody was the same. Zayn smirked as he hopped out and came over to help me out. he grabbed my hand as I hopped out onto the gravel below. These werent as high of heels, and I could run and do anything in them, so dancing would be fine. As soon as my feet touched the ground, I felt the beat of the music, pumping through the ground, I felt my headache come through already. I was only being paranoid. Most times, being in a loud place doesnt bother me, and I never get a headache on usual occasions. I smiled and got a little closer to Zayn as the huge bouncer let us through. I took a second look at the bouncer, he was huge, muscles bigger than my thighs. Well, my thighs werent big at all... as people tell me, but I dont know too many people that look like he does. Zayn and I got out onto the dance floor, and he had his hands all over me. I didnt mind, we'd been dating for almost two years now. Everytime we went somewhere, he was always grab-handy. I dont mind at all. Me and Zayn danced for almost an hour before things got more complicated. He led me to the bar, where he bought some drinks. Beer. I took mine, cold biting my hand and took a cautious sip. I was never badder than with Zayn. He brought out the bad side in me, and I dont mind. I'd never really drunk with Zayn around, I was worried he'd only bought it to see if I would drink it. And I did. I dont want him to waste any money on something for me that I dont drink or eat or use. So, I drank it. A few guys, must not have know I was with Zayn, walked over and started talking to me.

"Hey. It's a little late for a cutie for you to be here. Got a boy with you, do you?" One of them asked, as he shook his shaggy hair out of his face. I looked to Zayn, hiw jaw set.

"Y-yes. I do. Him" I say, pointing to Zayn.

"That's cute. Oh, he looks mad. Should we leave boys?" Another one said, his voice a bit deeper, his dark skin and tattoos made me crawl. He looked tough. I dont want Zayn to get involved with any of these guys. I knew he could take them, just, not all at once. There were three of them. A shaggy haired one, a blonde and a black haired one. I stared at them as they bickered to themselves about it for a while before the blonde spoke up.

"I think this one's coming home with us for tonight." The blonde said. I shrunk in my seat, blushing. What was with all these guys wanting me? Couldnt they see I was perfectly okay with Zayn?!

"No! Go away." I heard my own voice say, and I instantly wished I could take it back, seeing Zayn's smirk meant I shouldnt have. He liked when I fought it.

"Oh, lookie here boys, this one's got a mouth. She could put it to other uses though... come on cutie," The darker one said, grabbing my arm. It hurt the way he held my arm, and as soon as he touched my arm, as soon as he reached for my arm, I knew Zayn had got enough. He lunged forward, taking out the darker one. I screamed as the other two got Zayn. I kicked at the bad guys, hoping they would back off. They didnt. I wouldnt watch this happen. No. I ran out to the car, seeing Zayn glance up once as if to hold me back. I held his gaze for a second before he watched me run out to the car. I was stopped by the bouncer.

"Everything okay, sweetie?" He asked. He was surprizingly nice for such a huge guy. I knew his nick-name for me was only to make me feel better, but I shrugged him off, running to the car. I leant up against it, letting tears stream down my face. I couldnt hide it. I knew my mascara wouldnt run, it was water-proof. I was out there, the cold air of night making my breath come out in short gasps. I couldnt hide that I felt like I'd been horrible. A horrible girlfriend. I hadnt helped at all. Zayn would hate me... I know our relationship would hit it's bitter end after this. I heard the bouncers booming voice say something about 'she's over at the car and that whatever he did, he better make sure she was fine.' and I knew Zayn was rushing over. He grabbed my shoulder when he came over, and I twisted out of his grip, turning away from him. He grabbed both of my shoulders and looked at me. I didnt look up at him, I just rested my forehead on his chest.

"You're freezing." He says, his voice strained a little. I didnt say a word, I felt a jacket on my shoulder, and I knew he'd placed his own jacket on my shoulders. I tried to roll my shoulders and get it off, but I couldnt. It was leather, and it was all warm. 

"I-I dont know what to say, Zayn." Is all I say, and I feel his arms around me. He pulled me into a hug. I loved him too much to pull away, but I was mad. I quickly slipped out of his grip, took off his jacket and crossed my arms, looking up at him for the first time. His face was bloody. His cheeks, both bloody with blackened marks. His nose, bleeding, his eyes, one of them bleeding and his lip was split. I held back a yelp, but let out a gasp. I felt horrible. He took his jacket and placed it over my shoulders again. 

"I'm sorry. I dont know what came over me... I just wanted to make sure they didnt take you. I cant let them do it." He sayss, pulling me into a hug, this time, I didnt pull away. I felt something warm seep through his shirt and onto me. It was warm, and no doubt it was blood.

"Zayn, lift your shirt." I say, and he shakes his head, wincing from a pain in his neck.

"No." Only one word comes out of his mouth. 

"Zayn, p-please. Lift up your shirt. I need to know what happened." I say, and he sighs, pulling his shirt up, revealing a cut that could only be made with a knife. I gasped, and let more tears come down my cheeks. Zayn's eyes said sorry, but I couldnt accept it yet. My old boyfriend had gotten into a fight and gotten himself killed with a knife, and Zayn had promised me that it would never happen to him. That he wouldn't let it. I let that thought into action. More tears.

"Please dont cry." He says, putting his shirt back down. 

"Zayn, this is exactly what happened to him... my ex. He got himself killed in a fight with a knife. I-I dont know what I would have done if you did the same thing." I say, and turn away from him. He hugs me from behind, his bodo heat warming me.

"I know. I'm sorry." He says, and I can hear it in his voice. His voice cracked, and when that happens, it always means he'd regretted something.  I turned around still in his hug, and let him have his arms around me. He was so close. I looked into his deep brown eyes and fell for him all over again.

"Never, never again." He says, and I nod. "Never again will I do it. I'm so sorry." He says, putting his head on my shoulder. I pat his back, he doesnt wince, which means there is one place that he didnt get hurt.

"I forgive you Zayn." I say, and he pulls back, looking me in the eyes.

"You do? I mean, you can?" He asks, a serious question. I nod, and he brings his lips to mine. Our lips meet with such a passion that it felt like an electrical current, but a good electrical current. I could taste Zayn's blood, but I didnt care. I would take him to a hospital after. Once we pulled apart, breathless, he pulled me in for another one. This one was longer, his hands went around my waist pulling me closer as mine went around his neck, carefully. He didnt move other than to deepen the kiss. Once we pulled away, I spoke.

"Yes. I can. I love you Zayn. I just dont want to see you get hurt." I say, and he nods this time.

"It wont ever happen again, and I swear to it." He says. I smile, and we stand there, in the freezing cold, staring into each others eyes. There was that glint in his eyes that I loved so much again, and as we stood there, I turned back to face the bouncer. He nodded and put his thumbs up. I smiled at him, but I'm not sure he noticed. I turned back to Zayn, and kissed him again. This time, when he took his lips off mine, I had a new lipstick, gross but yes, Zayn's blood. I stared into Zayn's eyes for longer and we stood there like that. I saw the love in his eyes and I knew I couldnt let him go.

He was mine, and I was his. And, there would be no more blood loss over a stupid fight for me. And, I'm sure of it. I smiled at Zayn, which he returned. And after a few minuted, we both got into the car and drove off to my house. I opened the door, and walked in, handing Zayn his jacket back.

"Zayn come here," I called from the bathroom. He came over instantly, and worried.

"Everything okay, babe?" He asks, that farmiliar worry clouding his eyes again. 

"Yeah, everythings fine. Have a seat." I say motioning to the side of the tub. He obeyed and sat. "Shirt off, babe." I say, finishing. He gives me a weird look but obeyed. I looked at the cut on his chest, it ran across his left sides ribs. I winced with him as I put the cleaning alcohol over his cut, cleaning it so it didnt infect. I sat inbetween his legs and worked to clean his wound. Once I was sure the alcohol cleaned the cut as much as it would, I replaced it with water on a washcloth. He winced a little from the coldness, but let me do what I had to. I finished, and got some bandage tape out from the cupboard. Incase of other big wounds. Anyone's. I wrapped it around his whole body, making sure I got the wound covered. Before I put the bandage over the raw wound, I placed some soft cotton inside where the bandage strip would cover his wound. It was a fairly big cut, it ran across one of his whole left ribs. When I finished, he stared in disbelief.

"what?" I ask finally, and he just shakes his head.

"How did you know what to do?" He asked.

"My mum taught me in case of any emergencies." I say, holding out his shirt to him. He grabbed it and slipped it on. I stood up before he did, but he shortly followed. He got up slowly, making sure he didnt hurt his cut, and grabbed me, wrapping his hands around my waist.

"Nn-nn, you'll have to wait Mr. Malik. I'm not done." I say, getting a washcloth wet and dabbing at the bloody spots on his face. He winced a little when I dabbed his lips, but nothing more. As soon as I finished dotting at a cut by his eye, I set the washcloth down running water over it. I got a little sick as I saw red run from the washcloth and down the drain. I turned back to Zayn. He smirked.

"Now?" He asked. I smiled back.

"Now." I say, and he grabbed my waist again, pulling me into a kiss. I always felt like I was hurting him when he was hurt. His lip was cut open, so any contact would hurt, but he didnt seem to mind at all, rather, he deepened the kiss until I tasted his blood again. I cut the kiss off a little short and wiped my lips off. I told him to go get some rest and he did, making sure I was next to him before he actually fell asleep. I layed in front of him, his arms around me the whole night. And I fell asleep with who I was sure would be mine. My future husband. I smiled, looking at Zayn lying so perfectly next to me. I was careful not to rub against his cut. I smiled again at him as he stirred a little, pulling me closer. And I fell asleep like that, dreaming about Zayn. Sure right now he might be all bruised and bloody, but he was perfectly mine. And perfect to me.

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