Summer Love

Alysha,18 had just arrived in Hawaii. Her best friend Chantele,17 came along too. They stayed at a beautiful beach house for a few weeks. Meanwhile, the famous boy band One Direction stayed next to them. Chantele was a one big fan of them, though Alysha wasn't. But a few days after, Alysha has a few weird feelings for Harry. Harry is also falling in love with Alysha. Will they be together, forever?
BTW. This trip is placed in Hawaii (summer time)


5. Waves and the Oceans

Alysha's P.O.V


I couldn't stop thinking of the flash backs of when I kissed Harry and Niall.  I decided to have a walk along the beach.  

"Chantele!" I hollered "I'm going outside for a walk".  She was listening to One Direction so she couldn't hear me.  There was no reply, but that doesn't really matter.  

As I walked down the beach, I noticed the beautiful sunset.  It was perfect.  I enjoyed the waves tiding in with the water and sand getting pushed between my toes and the birds singing a beautiful song.  But one thing that bugged me was "One Direction staying next to our beach house".  

I mean--  wait a minute, is that H-h-arry styles and the rest of the band members?  Oh god.  How will I survive with these boys here and Chantele going crazy?  I know that this vacation trip will be one weird one.  I suddenly tripped.


"Ahhh" I squealed.

"Gotcha!" Someone said as they caught me. Who was my hero? I turned up to see... Harry?

"Oh thanks" I thanked.

"I think I know you. You look familiar... What's your name love?" Harry asked.

"Alysha.. and please I'd prefer that you don't call me love" I replied not looking at him.

"Ah yes.. I remember you" THE Harry Styles remembered me? I was just a fan among millions, so why me?? I wasn't even a dang fan! I was a Mahome!! (Fan of Austin Mahone!)

"Erm.. how is it that you remember me, Harry?" I inquired.

"Actually I haven't dated anyone since I met you. After that concert, I vowed to find you one day and here I am talking to you! I know you vowed the opposite. You vowed not to see me again and it was upsetting. I cried every day for 1 year. The boys took me here to try and get over you but it's been hard!" Harry explained.

"So you have feelings for me?" I asked, confused.

"Uh yes" Harry started blushing.. awww


I rolled on the ground in laughter. Him like me?? Alright people I give up, bring out the cameras!


"Harry, I give up! Stop playing your little prank!" I said, trying to stop myself from laughing again.

"I'm dead serious right now-" Harry spoke.

"Whatever helps you sleep, Harry" I cut in.

"Really? Because something that would really help me is if you just listen to me!" I could see that he was getting frutstrated, Wow he actually loved me!

"Okay, I get it Hary. You love me and I think I like you. But here's the thing I can't choose between you and Niall.

"Sure fair enough.. wait, what?! Why Niall? You can only choose one, it's not fair, I bet he doesn't remember you" Harry spat out.

"Harry, it's my life and you've got to accept my decisions! By the end of the week I will tell you who I've chosen. So today is Tuesday and I will announce it on Sunday. But on Saturday could I please come over to your house to see the other boys?" I explained.

"Sure! See you on Saturday. We will be home all day. If we're not in the house then we would be swimming, gotta go, bye Aly!" Harry told me. He called me by my nickname!!

"Ok bye! I'm bringing Chantele, my best friend!" I fare- welled, going in for a hug when...




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-Aly (My1dlovestory)





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