Summer Love

Alysha,18 had just arrived in Hawaii. Her best friend Chantele,17 came along too. They stayed at a beautiful beach house for a few weeks. Meanwhile, the famous boy band One Direction stayed next to them. Chantele was a one big fan of them, though Alysha wasn't. But a few days after, Alysha has a few weird feelings for Harry. Harry is also falling in love with Alysha. Will they be together, forever?
BTW. This trip is placed in Hawaii (summer time)


6. Play Date!

Alysha's P.O.V

"Ok bye! I'm bringing Chantele, my best friend!" I fare- welled, going in for a hug when... Harry bent down and turned to the side of his face so that my lips collided with his cheek.. 


That cheeky bastard! I was lucky though! I was going in slowly so I realized what he was doing and pursed my lips, ready to kiss him on the cheek or if he was REALLY cheeky, I would be ready to kiss him on the lips.. Luckily he only turned to the side.. 


Harry turned his face to me with a surprised expression, obviously thinking that I would be disgusted. Well, Harry was actually my first kiss... A thought popped into my head..


"Harry can I tell you something?" I asked.

"Sure you can trust me. Tell me anything, love" I giggled madly as he called me 'love'. I remembered the first time he called me that during my flashback.

"Ok. Well, can we like hang out each day? It will be fair for Niall, trust me. We have Saturday and you might be right. He might not remember me" I suggested.

"I would love to hang out with an amazing girl like you. So, can I call you Aly or love. All that, Alysha?" Harry asked.

"You don't need permission silly! I would've said different if we didn't meet like we did at that concert but I guess you just have that thing on girls" I winked at him.

"So Aly. Wanna hang out now?" Harry asked.

"Sure! My beach house?" I questioned.

"Yup, sure! So if my memory is correct, you had a friend with you at the concert?" Harry agreed as we started walking towards my place.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me! I have a BFF named Chantelle who is the biggest directioner, unlike me. Uh she might freak out so be prepared" I told Harry about Chantelle.

"I'm used to it. It's all included in the package when you're famous" Harry shrugged his shoulders.

"Ok let's go, Haz" For some reason I intertwined our fingers and they fit perfectly! I smiled up at Harry as he smiled down at me.

We happily skipped into the house, swinging our hands back and forth, like a loving couple would. But of course, we weren't a couple. I still had to decide. You would've thought it would be an easy decision because I had made the plan to hang out with Harry but no, it wasn't, I still thought about Niall every second we were together but then again, when I was with my parents or siblings, I always thought about Harry. With Chantelle, I thought about them both... 


"Oh hey Chantelle" I sung happily as I dragged Harry around with me.

"Oooh Hey- Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh! You are with Harry Styles! Harry Styles is in my beach house. Am I dreaming?" Chantelle completely froze in her spot and dropped her tray of cookies as she saw 1/5 of One Direction standing before her.

"No. No you are not, Chantelle. Alysha told me all about you. I believe you're a fan. It's nice to meet you properly" Harry assured her.


For some reason a felt a huge surge of jealousy run through me as I gripped onto Harry's hand and cuddled closer to Harry. He noticed and responded by putting his arm around me in a warm embrace and smiling at me. Both our heads shot up just after we heard a snap. 


"You guys look adorable together so I took a photo!'' Chantelle stood there grinning.

"Thanks but we aren't officially together yet, Chant" I confirmed.

"But you guys are perfect for each other. Don't act like you didn't make- out at that concert" She crossed her arms over her chest.

"How do you know?" Harry was blushing as red as a tomato and there was no doubt that my face was the same.

"uh, it's best I don't tell you. I don't want to ruin the moment but I best be off and leave you two love- birds alone. Don't you dare deny it! Fate brought you back together!" Chantelle happily skipped off, leaving both us of two standing there with our faces now redder than the reddest tomatoes.


"Uh, Aly? You know how she said fate brought us back together?" Harry asked, nervously.

"Yeah, Harry. What about fate?" I softly replied.

"Erm well when you left me, you said 




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