Summer Love

Alysha,18 had just arrived in Hawaii. Her best friend Chantele,17 came along too. They stayed at a beautiful beach house for a few weeks. Meanwhile, the famous boy band One Direction stayed next to them. Chantele was a one big fan of them, though Alysha wasn't. But a few days after, Alysha has a few weird feelings for Harry. Harry is also falling in love with Alysha. Will they be together, forever?
BTW. This trip is placed in Hawaii (summer time)


2. Hotel (Beach house)

Chantele's POV

As we checked in our hotel room (which was basically a beautiful beach house) I dumped my bags and suitcase on the floor.  As you can tell, I was pretty exhausted after the long flight.  As my eyes were browsing our beach house, I spotted Alysha looking out from the window still.  I could sense that she was a bit worried (and she had a worried look on her face).


Alysha's POV

Everything in our hotel room was fine but as soon as I looked out of the window, I saw something that made me have a worried look on my face.  I couldn't really figure out what I saw but I think that I saw 5 teenage boys running.  By the thought of 5 boys, I thought of One Direction.  A puzzle came in my mind.  Is One Direction staying here, like the same beach house as us?  Maybe, because I remember the girls screaming at the airport. 

 Now it all came to me.  One Direction is here.  I just saw One Direction.  

Now should I tell Chantele or should I not.  If I told her, she'll probably freak out and scream.  If not, she'll keep asking me questions if I'm ok or is there something wrong.  I hate One Direction.  Hate, Hate, Hate!


Chantele's POV

I walked up to Alysha and asked her if everything was ok.  She said "I'm ok, but I've got to tell you something".  "Sure" I said full of curiosity.  "Now you know the 5 five UNCUTE boys that I hate?" She said.  "Ya, One Direction.  Right? And FYI, they are UBER cute!"  I responded.  We had a 1 minute awkward silence and then Alysha finally spoke and said "One direction is here".  She said it in a really lame tone.  "OMG! REALLY! DID YOU SEE NIALL? HOW DID YOU SEE THEM?"  I blurted out with excitement.  "Yes I did see Niall" said Alysha.  Alysha then told me how she figured out that they're staying in the same hotel.  I tried clearing out of my head by unpacking my stuff but it still didn't work.  Alysha seemed happy now because I promised that I would never talk about them during our trip. 


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