Summer Love

Alysha,18 had just arrived in Hawaii. Her best friend Chantele,17 came along too. They stayed at a beautiful beach house for a few weeks. Meanwhile, the famous boy band One Direction stayed next to them. Chantele was a one big fan of them, though Alysha wasn't. But a few days after, Alysha has a few weird feelings for Harry. Harry is also falling in love with Alysha. Will they be together, forever?
BTW. This trip is placed in Hawaii (summer time)


3. Beach House Nextdoor

Alysha's P.O.V

At least the totally not cool boyband One Direction were not staying next door, right? Well, I really hope they don't live in that huge beach house next to ours with five bedrooms and striped shirts, plaid shirts, red polos and- AHHHHHH! One Direction are staying next to us! I know, I know. I admit to knowing a little bit about one direction. Okay, maybe  A LOT but it's because One Direction is all Chantele ever talks about! I've never felt like that before, well, not for One Direction but I totally think that Austin Mahone is gorgeous! I may be really jealous because we don't have a bigger fan base than directioners but at least we're not as crazy as them... 



"Eeeek! I can't believe Austin freakn Mahone spotted us and brang us here, backstage! He's like pure adorability!! Ahhhhhhh I love love love Austin!!!" I squealed.


"Geez says the one that told me that they would never fangirl." Chantele said, bored.




So, we are as crazy as directioners but..... oh I've run out of excuses. We've met 1D before, backstage but I don't think anyone remembers us.


"Hey Chantele?" I called.

"Yea, what's up Aly?" Chantele asked.

"Do you think that Ni- I mean - One Direction still remember us from that backstage concert?" I asked, worried about the answer. To tell the truth, I really hoped the boys would've remembered us. I hoped Niall remembered me and maybe Harry too...



We got backstage passes for One Direction's concert and were being led backstage. I saw about 10 other girls there and I was really nervous. I just decided to sit down on a couch nearby. A few minutes passed, I felt someone hovering over me and then they tapped my shoulder lightly. Harry... "Hello, love. What's your name. I'm-" Harry got cut off by me. "I know, I know Harry Styles. 1/5 of one direction" I sounded bored in which I was. "Wow, I can see that you're not a fan. Would you like to talk else where?" I nodded. When Harry was leading me to his dressing room, I took a glimpse at Niall who looked like he had hurt and jealousy in his eyes? Hurt? Jealousy? I shook it off and walked with Harry. We finally arrived to a big room with snacks and clothes all neatly stacked. "Here we are, so you haven't told me your name yet beautiful" he complimented. "Do not call me that. I'm just Alysha! Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not beautiful, you're just flirting" I said, sadly. "Well, Alysha is a lovely name. You are certainly not ugly!" Harry argued. "Yes I am, Mr Styles!" I opposed. "Most beautiful girl ever!" Harry said. "Liar! I'm so ugly that no boy wants me!" I argued. "Definitely not true, Miss Alysha!" Harry exclaimed. "Well, you don't want me to be yours so who would want me?!" I started getting frustrated. Suddenly Harry smashed his lips onto mine. At first I was shocked but then I got into it as our lips moved in sync. "I, Harry Edward Styles, want you even though we just met" Harry said, breaking the kiss. "You d-do? No one has ever said that to me before" I said. "Yes I do, Aly. I love you. I know we only met but I know it's love" Harry confessed. 

We kissed again until we were interrupted. "H-hello? Is that you Harry? With a fan?" Somebody asked. "Wh- Who is it?" I asked, getting scared. "It's me Niall-" I interrupted Niall like I did with Harry. "I get it. Niall Horan, 1/5 of One Direction. Your next line is: Wow, you're obviously not a fan. Been there, done that" I said rather rudely. "Well, that wasn't the best greeting but I guess I'll just be getting on" Niall said. "Fine" I said. I ran up to him and kissed Niall, it was passionate. It was different to mine and Harry's. I couldn't tell which one was good or bad but with Niall it was passionate but I just couldn't find the sparks. I think... I think I'm falling for Niall James Horan... or am I actually falling for Harry Edward Styles??


I heard a fake cough interupt us... Harry! "Oh My Gosh, I'm so sorry!" I realized that I had just kissed Harry and then I kissed Niall! I was a TOTAL disaster and slut!


"I gotta go back to the others, see you later Harry!" Niall awkwardly walked off.

"Uh that was kind of awkward huh?" I asked Harry.

"Uh yeah it was.. So why did you kiss Niall after me? We were getting somewhere.. So, who is better?" I could tell Harry was really turned- off by my actions and I felt really bad. I just wanted to kiss him again but it would be wrong but I let my craving for his lips on mine take over. With that, I slammed my lips against his once again..


"I.. I don't  know. I'm sorry Harry" I told him.

"Sorry for...?" Harry wore a confused look on his face.

"I'm sorry for acting like this after you confessed your love for me.. I- I just. I'm a complete wreck! I'm a slut! I don't want to ruin your friendship with Niall so I am going to make this vow in front of you. I, Alysha Dalles, vow to not ever come across One Direction again. If I do, I will remind myself that I hate One Direction. I know people would kill to be in my position right now but I really don't think fate has brought me here.. We're still so young, Harry. Too young to really fall in love.. I will leave you and we will see if you still love me. I, myself don't believe in this but: If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. if it doesn't it was never meant to be... I'm sorry Harry, I'm a MONSTER. I break hearts. I don't want to hurt you!" I confessed. The ground around me was covered in a pool of tears.


I leaned up to Harry's ear and whispered what I thought would be the last few words I would ever say to Harry again, "I love you, Harold Edward Styles".


With that, I ran off not wanting to hear Harry's response, knowing it would just make me want to regret telling him that I never wanted to see him again. I was a complete monster, God made me to tear people's hearts. I don't want to believe it but it's true! Oh how I loved Harry. I ran off, full- speed so that Harry couldn't run after me and took one last glimpse at the face I loved.. A new set of salty tears began to pour down my face as I saw Harry, crouched down, with a river of tears full of pain all around him.. I'm sorry for causing you all this pain in one night, Harry but I, myself know that I won't be able to get over you. I would never be able to hate One Direction...


 IT WAS CONFIRMED: I'M A MONSTER! I broke 2 hearts in one night! Niall and Harry...




Tears started to stream down my face as I once again confirmed, "I'm a heartless monster. A complete wreck... " Why you may ask. Because like I thought, I still love Niall.... and my Harry up until now! 



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