Summer Love

Alysha,18 had just arrived in Hawaii. Her best friend Chantele,17 came along too. They stayed at a beautiful beach house for a few weeks. Meanwhile, the famous boy band One Direction stayed next to them. Chantele was a one big fan of them, though Alysha wasn't. But a few days after, Alysha has a few weird feelings for Harry. Harry is also falling in love with Alysha. Will they be together, forever?
BTW. This trip is placed in Hawaii (summer time)


1. Airport (On the plane)

Alyshas POV

"I wonder how Hawaii looks like?" I said to my best friend Chantele.  I've never been there before and I'm really excited.  As I flicked through the movies that are on the plane, something caught my attention, the movie Pitch Perfect.  As I watched the movie, my lunch had came.  I ate hungrily (even though I don't like airplane food).  As time flew by, my movie ended.  I quickly had a glance of what Chantele was watching.  She wasn't watching, she was listening to One direction.  And yes, Chantele is an all time big directioner whilst I'm not.  I don't find them cute at all and when I say that, Chantele really gets mad at me.  


~~~~5 mins later~~~~~~


Be fore I knew it, we landed in Hawaii!  As I checked out of the airport in Hawaii, I heard girls screaming (as it was high-pitched).  I didn't care about that because if I were to scream in the big crowd I'd loose my voice and that will ruin the whole trip.  I grabbed Chanteles arm because I guess that she'll probably start walking to the crowd of screaming girls.


Chanteles POV

When Alysha and I checked out, I heard a bunch of girls screaming.  I wondered what was happening, was there a celebrity there, did someone get hurt?  I have no idea.  I wanted to walk over there and see whats happening but I couldn't.  Alysha had just quickly grabbed my arm and we went of to the taxi stand.  



Hi guys!  Please feel free to give me tips on writing.  I've read a few movellas and they gave me the inspiration on doing this.  I also would like you to know that my updating skills will suck a bit because school is getting in my way!

Thanks for the support! Hannah

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