One last chance

Rose just started school. She's one of those kids that can't
Go around for 5 minutes doing something without being teased about
It or made fun of. Harry styles is the Bully. He quit the band to start a new
Life, a new way of living, and this is what he chose.


1. Gone

New York may seem like a rich and wealthy place but its NOT. Everyone is surprisingly rude and acts like rats picking stuff up of the floor, like a piece if rotting cheese. Tomorrow is the first day of school and my friend is leaving tonight. Even though I'll never forgive her for leaving I don't blame her. I see Mary packing her things in the car, which could only mean one thing. As I come out in the cool night air to say goodbye I can feel a unpleaseant feeling slither up my back. She can't just leave I think to myself, we've been living next to each other for 10 years. As we say our last goodbyes she and I squeeze each other so hard we could of crushed each other's bones. "I'm going to miss you Mary I mean what about tomorrow, I can't last a day without your long lasting support." A single tear drips down my left cheek. "You'll be able to go on without me" she cries. As she gets into the car and drives away into the sunset, I sit there watching the best thing of my life be let go.
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