The wall was painted in a scarlet color with splashes of blood on the floor...


1. New house, New Town

I walk up to the front door to our new house in our new neighborhood. This is about my fourth time moving, all in three months. My dad keeps changing his job, he can't keep the same job ever since my mom died. It was about six months ago when my mom was driving when a drunk driver came out of nowhere and hit her. She was on a bridge when she got hit, she swerved off the road into the Hudson river. She was trapped in the car and drowned. It's hard to process for me, but it's harder for my dad. He's been depressed and drinking his sorrows away. Every single time I see him, he is either drunk or depressed. I'm the one who cooks and washes everything around here. I don't mind though. I guess I got used to it. 

Anyway, right now we are in Arkansas. We live in a town called Bella Vista. It's very pretty. Lots of green plants and flowers. I hope we stay here this time. I drop the box of books I was caring and opened the door. The house was bigger than our other houses. They always are. I still don't know how he gets the money to buy these houses. I pick up the box again and walk into the house. There was no furniture in it yet so it was bigger than it looked in the picture. The wooden floors looked like arrows pointing towards you. It was a very pretty dark brown reddish color.The walls where a pretty green and had black designs of sprouting flowers. I laid the box down as my dad came in, carrying a chair.

"Pretty isn't it, Kilana?" He said after he put the chair down.

"Yes it is. So are we moving from this house or staying?" I said. I know it's kind of rude to say to someone after his wife died, but I was getting annoyed of moving all around.

"Come on Kilana! I know you don't like moving, but you just have to deal. Hopefully we won't have to move. I like this place. She would like it too." He said. I could see a tear about to burst from his right eye.

"I'm sorry. It just gets annoying moving all over the place every month. I really hope we don't move from here. It looks very pretty." I said. My dad went back outside again to get the rest of the boxes. I ran after him to help him. I could see the helpers trying to get the big couch out of the truck. I ran up to my dad's car and carried all my stuff inside.


Once all the furniture and boxes where inside, I went upstairs to find my new room. My dad already found his room, so I looked in the remaining rooms.I picked the biggest rooms out off the other three. My dad keeps picking houses that have more than one room. I guess he thinks that my mom is going to come back and there going to have another child or two. It's very sad, so I try to be the best daughter anyone could have. There was a queen size bed in the room with a humongous closet. I took my black sheets and my bright green blankets out of there bag and made the bed. I threw the big black and green billows on there too. The room was black and the rug was gray. I ran down stairs to grab the can of bright green paint to paint the closet. My favorite colors are black and green, as you already guessed. Green and black where the colors on a butterfly I found when I was little. I've grown fond of those colors.

Once I finished painting my closet, I went downstairs and had dinner while I waited for my closet to dry. Dad ordered a pizza. I sat on the couch eating my pizza while watching him trying to put the T.V. back together. After a while, he finally got the T.V. together but we had to wait to get the satellite together and the man said he would be by around three o'clock tomorrow. I went upstairs and checked if the closet was dry. It was so I unpacked all my clothes and hung them up. I took my shoes and lay'd them on the rack I put in there. Once I was done, it was about nine o'clock. I checked down stairs and saw my dad chugging at the bottle of Jack again. I quickly but quietly ran upstairs into my room. I still had a bunch of stuff to unpack, but I was going to save that for tomorrow. I looked in the box full of my books and took out the one I was reading. I read it until twelve-thirty and laid it on my nightstand. I went into my closet and grabbed a pair of pj's and a tank top. There was another door in there that I haven't opened. When I opened it, I found that it was my own bathroom.

"Cool!" I said. I brushed my teeth and washed my makeup off. I put on my pj's and went to bed. After about twenty minutes, I fell asleep.

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