The wall was painted in a scarlet color with splashes of blood on the floor...


2. Intruders

I woke up from a crash from downstairs. I turned and looked at the clock. It was four o'clock in the morning. Another crash came from downstairs and it all went silent. I slowly got up from my bed. As I waked to the door, I grabbed a bat that was unpacked from the boxes. I quietly opened the door. I walked as slowly as I could without stepping on any of the soft parts. I took two more steps and stepped on a soft spot on the floor  boards. It made a small squeak. I froze and listened for any movement downstairs. After five minutes, I started walking again. With the bat over my shoulder, I walked down the stairs. I was one step away from the bottom when I saw a man in the living room looking around for something.

"Where is it!" The man said quietly. He walked out of my view but I could still hear him."Where did you say they put it, Drake?" The man said, sounding a little annoyed. 

"I don't know! All I know is that its in this room." Another man said. They both waked into my view again. All I could only see was the outline of there bodies. There back's were facing me. While they couldn't see me, I took the last step at scrunched up against the wall next to the stairs. There backs where still facing me. I gripped the bat in my hands and slowly swung it next to my ear. I slowly started walking towards them. It was dark and once I was two feet away, I swung the bat as hard as I could. The bat contacted with one of the men's head. I heard a loud crack and he fell down. The other man turned around but I already started swinging. The bat hit his face and he fell to the ground. I waited for about five minutes before I ran to the phone. I dialed 911 and tolled them what happened. They said they will bring someone down in about ten minutes

With the phone still in my hand, I ran up stairs to my dad's room. I ran over to his bed and shook him awake.

"What are you doing?" He asked me. I tolled him everything that happened. He first looked at me like I was crazy, but when I dragged him downstairs and he saw the men, he new I was right. Once the police came, they handcuffed the men and pushed them into the cop car. 

"Thank you ma'am for calling us. We have been looking for these folks for quite a will." The Sheriff said that in a South Western accent. I blushed when he called me ma'am and said thank you. Once the police was gone, it was about eight-thirty. Dad made some breakfast. He made bacon and pancakes.

Dad was looking at the newspaper while at ate. At nine o'clock, he left for work while stayed and read and drew for a while. At about twelve-twenty five, I went down stairs to the kitchen and nook'd the rest of the pizza from last night. I ate the last of the two pizza's. At three o'clock the, the satellite guy came and hooked us up. I ran into the kitchen once he was done and grabbed the money dad left for him. On the way back, I noticed something strange in the corner of the room. I ran back to the door and handed the guy the money. I thanked him for hooking us up and he left.

Once I shoot the door, I walked over to the corner. I got onto my knees and knocked around the ground. I got to a spot that sounded different from the rest. I looked around to see if there was a whole or a handle. I found a small whole in the floor, big enough to fit my finger in. I hooked my finger into the whole and lifted. A small spot on the floor lifted. I lifted it farther and the door came off. I lay'd it on the ground and looked into the whole. A small box lay'd in there. I lifted it up and lay'd it on the ground. There were more things in there, I took them out and lay'd them next to the box. I grabbed the wooden door and pushed it back into place. Was this what the men where looking for? I thought.

I grabbed everything and ran up stairs to my room. I carefully lay'd everything on my bed. I looked at everything carefully. There was a blue ruby necklace that looked very pretty, there was a cloth with a gold ring and a huge diamond in it, then there was the box. I picked up the box and examined it. There were carvings of animals and people. IT seamed like it was telling a story. I opened the box and found a blue stone with a small staff in it. I took the staff and the rock in my hands. There was a place on the staff that looked like the rock would fit. I carefully pried the rock into the staff. It snapped in place. All of a sudden the rock began to glow. An explosion of light blew from the rock and shook the ground. I ran to my window and saw that people lay on the ground where they were. I ran downstairs and outside. I checked the people laying on the ground. Everyone on the ground was dead. I heard a loud scream coming from a shop down the street. With the staff in my hand, I ran towards the shop. I heard another scream from behind the building. I looked and saw a man holding a girl by her throat. 

He seemed to be kissing her neck, but then I saw the blood dripping down from her neck. He snapped his head back, and in his mouth was the girls throat. He was ripping the girl to pieces and eating her. I backed up and stepped on a branch which snapped. His head popped up and turned towards me. The whole world seemed to disappear once I saw his face. The man that was eating the girl, was my dad.

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