Nobody Compares (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Liz moves to Mullingar, Ireland after her parents' divorce. It's just her and her dad, who's constantly at work so her neighbor, Maura, decides Liz needs some looking after. Things start to feel pretty normal, just like her life back home, until Maura's son Niall comes home.


9. Packing

Liz's P.O.V. 


It was almost 4 in the afternoon and I still hadn't heard from Niall. I walked over to his house and Maura answered the door.

"Hey Liz! Come on in! What have you been up to lately, spending a lot of time with Niall, yeah? Can't believe he's got to go back already though." She said.

"Yeah we've been hanging out, uhm, do you know where he is? I've got to talk to him about that actually." I asked a bit hesitantly.

"Yeah, said he wanted a bit of a lazy day. He should be up in his room, dear." 

"Okay, thanks." I said walking up to his room. I could hear him playing his guitar, singing softly. I sat outside his door waiting for him to finish the song, his voice was beautiful. I didn't notice when he had stopped playing though and the door opened, both of us jumping at the sight of each other. 

"Holy shit you scared me," He said. "Why are you sitting in my hall?"

"I was coming to see if you wanted to hang out or something," I said looking down at my feet. "I didn't want to interrupt your song though, you have a beautiful voice." I looked up to see him smile briefly at this.

"Well come in then." He said. I walked in and sat down on the bed, unsure of what to say. Thankfully, it was him who started speaking first. "So, you didn't tell your dad about London? Do you not want to go?" He asked slowly, he tried to hide it but I could see the hurt in his face. He was really sensitive, wasn't he? 

"No, no I'm sorry Niall. I really do want to go." I started, seeing his face light up a bit I continued. "I just wanted to wait until he had met you properly. I should have told you, I was waiting until after dinner. He said I could go though, if you still want me to."

"Yes, of course!" He exclaimed climbing on top of me, pressing his lips to mine. "So, what now?" he asks, pulling away from the kiss and pressing his forehead to mine. 

"Well, I have to pack and I have to buy my ticket. How long do you think we'll be gone? When do we leave?" 

"Plane leaves well, tomorrow morning actually. I don't know for how long though, a few weeks tops. I guess just pack a bunch of clothes and I'll buy you anything you forget."

"Whatever, but you're not buying me anything."

"Well, I already bought your ticket so tough." he said, kissing me again. I try to give him a disgruntled look but he only laughs at me. I roll out from under him and stand up. 

"Come on." I say to him.

"Where are we going?" he asks, confused. 

"I've got to pack silly, you're helping too!" He smiles at this and we run downstairs and over to my house, thankfully my dad isn't home. When we get up to my room he plops down on the bed, his eyes travelling around the room, examining it. I find a suitcase from the closet and set it on the bed next to him. I begin pulling clothes out of the closet and throwing the into the suitcase, not bothering to fold them. Much to my surprise, Niall folds them for me, while I raise my eyebrows and shake my head at him, a bit impressed actually. Now for the embarrassing part, I go to my dresser and pull out my cutest matching bra and underwear sets, throwing them over to him. I catch him blushing deeply, trying to hide his grin,  as he quickly folds them and tucks them away. I grab my small makeup bag and my girly products out of the bathroom and toss those in along with my favorite books and I somehow manage to fit my three field hockey sticks in without a fight. Niall zips up the bag as I grab another just for my shoes, I wouldn't want my high tops to get ruined. I throw my laptop and any other extra things I needed in with these as well. 

"Jeez, are you done yet?" Niall sighs.

"Yes, maybe. I don't know. I feel like I've forgotten something. Aaaah here it is." I pull out my old hat. I got it with my Dad at an air show back home and had it signed by real fighter pilots in Top Gun, it's the closest thing I have to a keepsake. "I can't just leave it here, now can I?" I ask rhetorically, he chuckles at me. 

"Now are you done?" He asks.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Great, we can take these over to mine. Do you want to stay the night? That'll make it easier in the morning." 

"Yeah, we should wait until my dad gets home though, I should say goodbye." 

Niall carries my bags to his house, refusing to let me help, and leaves them in the hall so we don't have to do much in the morning and then we head back to mine. I pop in a movie and we lay on the couch together, my head resting on his chest. I love the sound of his heart beating and his raspy breaths. We lay there for a while and about half way through the movie, my dad comes home.

"Hey Bear, Niall. Shouldn't you be getting ready to leave?" He says as casually as he can, I can tell he's a bit uncomfortable with us laying together and I quickly get up.

"Yeah, we already packed. I'm gonna stay at Niall's tonight to make it a bit easier in the morning, yeah?" I say to him.

"Yeah, that's cool. You kids wanna order a pizza before you go?" 

"Sure Dad, I'll call." I say and walk out of the room.


Niall's P.O.V.


She got up to order the pizza and her dad immediately sits down in the chair next to me. 

"You better take care of her." He says calmly, somehow scaring me more than I think yelling could even do. 

"I will, I really like her, you know?" I say, staring off a bit. I wanted to say love, I really love her, but I wasn't sure how he'd react to that so I stopped myself.

"I know. So, did you catch the game last night?" He asks, I'm a bit amazed at how easily he turned the conversation and soon Liz comes in and joins too. I feel really lucky to be here right now, it's amazing how in such little time they've become like family to me.


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