Nobody Compares (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Liz moves to Mullingar, Ireland after her parents' divorce. It's just her and her dad, who's constantly at work so her neighbor, Maura, decides Liz needs some looking after. Things start to feel pretty normal, just like her life back home, until Maura's son Niall comes home.


2. Meeting Niall

Liz's P.O.V.  


I've been here for about three weeks now. Only seeing my father at dinner and the occaisional breakfast, I spent most of my time with Maura. She helped me unpack all of our things, decorate the house, and even helped me improve my cooking. Her son, Niall, was coming home for a few weeks. Maura had invited me to join them for dinner, as long as I helped cook. 

"Niall should be in in a few hours, I'm just gonna run to the shops to get some last minute snacks, he'll be wanting all his favorites." She called on her way out. 

"Sure, I'll just make dessert while you're out then."

She left and I turned to the kitchen to start on dessert. I had decided to go with a layered bar, brownie on bottom and chocolate chip cookie on top, it was everybody's favorite. I turned on the stereo and danced around the kitchen. I absolutely love baking.  


Niall's P.O.V.  


My plane got in two hours early so I grabbed a cab home to surprise my mom. When I arrived, I snuck in the front door quietly. I could hear the stereo blasting from the kitchen and I could smell something absolutely mouthwatering. Was it brownies or cookies? I couldn't tell. I walked around the corner to find, not my mom as I had expected, but some girl dancing around. Boy was she a terrible dancer, but she was cute. She had long dirty blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, boy was she cute. She turned to see me and screamed, not the effect I wanted to have on her but it made me laugh. She went to turn down the radio and I couldn't help but notice how fit she was. She turned back to me then, "You scared the shit out of me, you must be Niall. I'm Liz." 

"Hello, Liz." I liked the sound of her name, maybe a bit too much. "So, uhm, where's my mom?" 

"Oh right, she went out to the store to pick up a few snacks for you."

The timer on the oven went off then and she turned to take out that thing I smelled earlier. Looking at it now, it wasn't just brownies or cookies. It was brownies and cookies, layered. I was really going to like this girl. But what was she doing here? She must've saw my confused look because she then said: "I moved in next door a few weeks ago, it's just me and my Dad so I guess Maura thought I could use some looking after. I've been helping her around the house." 

"Where are you from?" I asked, though it was plain in her accent. 

"I'm from America, a small town in Pennsylvania."

"And what brought you here?" 

"It's a long story."

"I've got time." I said, as smoothly as I could manage, though I could feel myself blushing.

"May I have one?" I asked gesturing toward the brownie/cookies. 

"Sure." She said as she cut the batch. "Well, it started with my parents' divorce..."  


Liz's P.O.V.   

'Oh my god, why am I telling him this? He doesn't want to hear this.' I kept thinking as I told him how I came to move to Ireland, but he seemed interested enough so I just kept going. His accent was to die for and he was gorgeous. I knew he was cute from the pictures Maura had shown me but I didn't think he was THIS cute in person, and he looked so familiar too... where had I seen that face? And then, as if he could hear my thoughts, he answered them....

"I moved to London to be closer to work and my band mates. I'm in One Direction."

"Wow, I knew you looked familiar. I love your music."

"Thanks." he said, blushing. He really did blush a lot...

We continued talking about anything and everything, he was really easy to talk to, and he was such a laugh.  "So do you like it here, then?" he asked. 

"Yeah, I mean I haven't seen much of it. The most I've been out is with Maura to the shops, but it is a really nice place."

"You're kidding, she hasn't given you a proper tour yet?"

"No, she hasn't..." I started, but was cut off.

"She hasn't what?" Maura said, startling us both.

"Mom!" Niall exclaimed, "We didn't hear you come in." He got up and hugged her. It was cute, how happy he got when he saw his mom.

"Hello darling!, well spit it out! What haven't I done?"

"You haven't taken Liz out for a proper tour of Ireland, that's why I'm gonna take her out tomorrow, if that's alright with you?" He said, looking towards me with a hopeful expression. He made the cutest puppy dog face, I couldn't resist it. 

"Of course, I'd love that!" I said. I could feel my cheeks heating up.  "Is it alright if I steal him for the day, Maura?" I asked, hoping she'd say yes.  


Maura's P.O.V.   


I walked into the kitchen, Liz and Niall sitting on the bar stools deep in conversation. They didn't even notice me walking in and d-did Niall just blush? 

"No, she hasn't..." Liz had started.

"She hasn't what?" I cut her off jokingly.

Niall ran up to hug me straight away. "Hello darling!, well spit it out! What haven't I done?" I asked.

"You haven't taken Liz out for a proper tour of Ireland, that's why I'm gonna take her out tomorrow, if that's alright with you?" He said, oh my, my little baby boy asking her out on a date. 

"Of course, I'd love that!" She said, you could see the pink in her cheeks. "Is it alright if I steal him for the day, Maura?"

"Of course honey, I was gonna have a day out with the girls anyway!" I said, "Now I'm gonna go finish cooking dinner, why don't you go into the living room honey, I heard there was a game on soon."  


Niall's P.O.V.  


We went into the living and sat on the couch together. She curled up on the end while I searched for the game. I finally found it, Derby County versus Newcastle United. I was a bit nervous that she'd get bored watching football (soccer), being a girl and all, but that disappeared. She was soon more focused on the game than I was, leaned in towards the telly. They were tied 6-6 at the end of the first quarter when a commercial came on. 

"Newcastle's got it in the bag." she said.

"Please, Derby's the best in the league."

"Not according to their rankings." she said, smiling at me. 

"Wanna bet on it?" I said, "loser does the dishes." I smirked at her.

"You're on!" she said, determined.

"How come you know so much about football?" I asked her, it was a bit odd. She was a girl, and from America, she shouldn't really know much about it over here. 

"I played field hockey back home and soccer when I was really young, the concepts are basically the same."

The game came back on, it was the closest game I had seen in years. We were both yelling at the tv in turn, laughing at each other's intensity. There was 30 seconds left and they were tied again 18-18, when right at the last second, Newcastle scored a goal as the buzzer went off. Liz jumped up off the couch, doing a small victory dance, taunting me. 

"Hahaha Newcastle won, I told you!"

"Alright, alright" I said, laughing. "I'll do the dishes."

"Dinner's ready guys!" My mom called. We both rushed to set the table and eat.  


Liz's P.O.V.  


We ate quickly, Maura made the best food in the world. We got up to clear the table so that Niall could wash them. I felt a little bad, being his first night home having to wash the dishes. 

"I'll dry them, I guess." I offered. 

"Thank you." He said, without arguing, a hint of a smirk on his face. 

We were about halfway through washing when a plate slipped through Niall hands, right into the soapy water, splashing me all down the front.  "Oh my god, I'm so sorry..." he began, looking so guilty and a bit horrified. I cut him off, splashing him back in return. He looked shocked at first but then a small smile creeped on his face. All hell broke loose then, we were splashing water all over each other, whipping each other with towels. I slipped then and almost fell but a pair of strong hands grabbed my waist, pulling me back up. I was inches away from Niall's face, his blue eyes boring into me. He leaned in slightly, like he was going to kiss me or something... oh my god was he going to kiss me?! I suddenly found myself leaning in too, my green eyes locked on his beautiful blue ones. Just as our lips were about to touch, we both slipped, falling to the ground. I found myself laying on top of him, both a bit shocked at what had just happened, and we both busted out laughing. Maura walked in then,

"What on earth is going on here?" she said looking at the mess. She was a bit taken aback at the fact that I was laying on top of her son, we both quickly got up blushing with embarrassment. 

"We kind of slipped.." Niall said. 

"I see that," Maura said, sighing. "I'll finish the dishes, you both should go get yourselves cleaned up and off to bed, it's getting late anyway." 

"Yeah I should be getting home. I'll see you late Maura!" I said, walking towards the door. Niall was right behind me, I turned, still a bit embarrassed. 

"It was really nice meeting you, I had fun." I said, blushing a little. 

"Yeah, you too. So are you still up for that tour tomorrow?" Niall asked hopefully, blushing more than a little. 

"Of course!" I said, not wanting to miss an opportunity like that. 

"Okay, I'll come by your house tomorrow around 9 then, yeah?" he said, giving me a small hug.

"I'll see you then."

Once the door had closed I did a little victory dance for myself, spending the day with Niall! I'm so excited! I know I had only just met him, but I liked him a lot. Would we have kissed? What if he kisses me tomorrow?  I became more and more nervous as I got ready for bed, not sure if I could even fall asleep at all with how excited I was.

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