Ireland Beauty's & London Hotties

Black curly hair blue green eyes rich 4 best friends yupp I got it all...that's what everyone thinks. I couldn't take it anymore all the beatings from both my parents seemed so common These past few years I've only been alive because of my 4 best friends Jordan Elizabeth Jackie and Gwen they are always at my house so the beatings are stalled. Now turning 18 in 2 days we all decided to move to England and share a penthouse. Everything is going to be great I hope. Me getting out of that death trap you call a house and maybe even meeting the love of my life! Or will everything turn out a disaster?! When we meet 5 gorgeous boys who change our lives forever....


2. Soon to be eighteen.

One more day until freedom approached. Then they couldn't hurt me ever again. My mother a drunk. My father never home always away on business it was more like I never had parents. That's fine with me. I never had an influence or role model. The only people who loved me were my bestfriends and I was glad to be going to be moving out tomorrow on my 18th birthday! I was so excited I couldn't wait to get out of this so called 'home' My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my door. My heart dropped... Here comes mommy.

I braced myself for the worst as mother knew I would be leaving tomorrow. I took a deep breath and walked slowly to the door. When I opened it I was greeted with my mother standing there with big sad eyes. ' Mom what's wrong?' She he stayed silent until... BOOM! She punched me straight across my face making me tumble to the floor. 'What the hell is your problem!?' I shouted though tears of anger. She laughed her raspy laugh and ended it with a grin that was pure evil and glared at me with dark eyes. 'Since your leaving tomorrow I thought I would give you your present early.' She grabbed me by the hair and stopped when she reached the top of the stairs. She then pushed me over the two flights of stairs once I reached the bottom of the stairs, my eyes full of fear and mascara running I felt so ashamed to even feel pity on this devil woman who I addressed to as 'mom' I slowly stood up knowing that this wasn't over.

Once she finally got to the bottom of the stairs she looked me right in the eyes, with her foul stench which was liquor and desperation piercing my nose, she simply whispered in my ear 'Happy Birthday sweetie' Fear spread across my entire body and she sensed it. She simply grinned and forced me down into the basement or as she liked to call it her torturing room....

I woke up screaming realizing were i was... then noticed something sticky on my face i touched it... bloob gushing out of my forhead great. Im going to England looking like this. Wait.... ENGLAND OMG i almost forgot! what time is it?!? i quickly took out my phone and checked the time 2:45 it read. I relaxed a little i could go up to my room without mother noticing. i quickly stood up which i soon found out as a mistake i had a very bad pounding in my head. I ignored the pain and slowly started pacing quickly up the stairs yet not making a sound. i quickly packed up the rest of my belongings and called Jordan.

     ~Phone call

Me: Hey Jordan are you awake?

Jordan: no im not... Of course i am!!!

Me: i really dont need this right now....

Jordan:what happened?

Me: I'll tell you later just comepick me up and hurry i need to get out of here before she wakes up?

Jordan: I'll be over there as soon as i can with the girls bye

Me: bye jay

~End of phone call

i took a deep breath and waited awhile untill i heard a car outside

i didnt dare go through the door in fear she would wake up so i simply started throwing things outside my window-good thing i didnt have anything breakable- i felt like i was missing something... THE NECKLACE! the very special antique necklace my grandmother gave me before she passed away i quickly ran to get it in the secret spot in my closet. untill i heard footsteps.... 'shit' i mumbled i quickly snatched the necklace from its hiding place and ran towards the window just as the girls finished putting my things in the car. There was a ladder on the side of the house and i quickly started climbling down i had barely touched the ground when my mother's head poked out the window. i sprinted to the car as my mother yelled after me 'Don't Worry i'll find you!!' her screams sent a shiver down my back and closed the car door.

       Finally im free....


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