Ireland Beauty's & London Hotties

Black curly hair blue green eyes rich 4 best friends yupp I got it all...that's what everyone thinks. I couldn't take it anymore all the beatings from both my parents seemed so common These past few years I've only been alive because of my 4 best friends Jordan Elizabeth Jackie and Gwen they are always at my house so the beatings are stalled. Now turning 18 in 2 days we all decided to move to England and share a penthouse. Everything is going to be great I hope. Me getting out of that death trap you call a house and maybe even meeting the love of my life! Or will everything turn out a disaster?! When we meet 5 gorgeous boys who change our lives forever....


3. Goodbye Ireland, Hello England!

I am ready. Ready to start from scratch and to be free and wild and do whatever the hell i want. i smiled to myself. Realizing that this... was the best decison ive ever made and i was glad i made it.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when i felt the car stop suddenly.

'Wer're here!' squealed Jordan who was driving.

We looked up and were imediately shocked at what we saw.

'Holy shit...' Gwen blurted what we all were thinking.

"AHHHHHHH OMG LOOK WHERE WE ARE GOING TO BE LIVING!! AHHH" we all yelled and squealed and laughed while pointing to the HUGE building that was freaking gigantic and resmbled a 5-star hotel than an apartment building!

We quickly got out of the car and basically sprinted to the front door.

'Woah...' we all said in unison.

The lobby was like basically a majestic ballroom, by now i wouldn't be surprised if a unicorn came out of the elevator. Ok well maybe not a unicorn but you know what i mean.

I rushed up to the front desk the girls on my heels. "How can i be of assitants?" The lady asked in a sweet tone.

'We are staying in the penthouse we already paid a years worth of rent." I looked back at the girls their jaws dropped.

i didnt tell them i would pay for all of that. They were ready to nag at me and ask "why?"

But they were interupted by  the lady saying "Here you go the keys to your new penthouse!" She said with a grin. They didnt say anything we stood silent for a moment, then ran, no sprinted to the elevator i was first with the girls hot on my heels. we pressed the button then whe the elevator closed.... We all screamed shoted yelled whatever you call it we did it! we were so excited! We almost forgot all our stuff in the elevator. Then during all the excitment... the elevator doors opened.

We didnt wait another second we gathered up our stuff the went to the door.

"Ready?" I asked them while taking a deep breath myself. They all nodded. I opended the door....

It was absolutly stunning.... chandelers & fancy shit like that all over the place! We all ran to the room knowing we all wanted the master bedroom. I was the first one there and i laughed in their faces.

'Better luck next time ladies!!!" I shut the door thinking i would freshen up before settling in.

i quickly undressed and put on my robe i headed towards the bathroom. I walked in to see that it was gigantic with jacuzzi, bathtub, and shower! I headed toward the Jacuzzi when i heard someone clear thier throat.

I quickly turned to see a boy around my age standing there with a towel around his hips. 'AHHHHHHHH! WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE YOU PERV!!!!" 'He quickly  looked away noticing that i was also in a towel. "UH NO MORE LIKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!" Who does he think he is. "I Live here smart one i barely moved in!" He starred at me confusion clearly on his face. "Well uh s-so did I" He said putting his hand behind his back. "This makes no sense!" i screamed in frustration. Then i noticed we were both in towels "GET OUT!!" I pulled on his arm and pulled him towards the door. As i walked out of the room the still un-named boy in my grasp I heard screams of "WTF!, GET OUT!, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! & AHHHHHH CREEEP!!!" I quickly looked at the boy "How many are there?' he looked at me and said "5 including me." i got lost in his blue eyes for awhile then got snapped into reality when all the girls came out the other 4 boys in their grasp all of them in boxers except one who was naked... i dont wanna know.

They all started yelling and shouting then i yelled "QUIET!' they shushed up "now lets all go to the living room and see whats going on."

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