Ireland Beauty's & London Hotties

Black curly hair blue green eyes rich 4 best friends yupp I got it all...that's what everyone thinks. I couldn't take it anymore all the beatings from both my parents seemed so common These past few years I've only been alive because of my 4 best friends Jordan Elizabeth Jackie and Gwen they are always at my house so the beatings are stalled. Now turning 18 in 2 days we all decided to move to England and share a penthouse. Everything is going to be great I hope. Me getting out of that death trap you call a house and maybe even meeting the love of my life! Or will everything turn out a disaster?! When we meet 5 gorgeous boys who change our lives forever....


4. Getting to know One Direction

Once we were all settled in the living room, there was a awkward silence That Jackie soon broke "Well who the hell are you?!" clearly annoyed. "We're One Direction" The naked one said. Like we were suppose to know who that was. 'huh?' Gwen said. "How could you guys not know who we are we are like worldwide famous!Spoke one of them who had a striped shirt on with no pants. Man, was he sassy . 'Allow me" said the one with a shaved head. "Im Liam' thats Harry" pointing to the naked one "thats louis" Pointing to the one with the stripes "Thats Zayn" Pointing to the one with many tattoos "And that irsh boy is Niall" He said pointing to the boy with blue eyes "Ok Now Im Jordan Thats Gwen thats Jackie thats elizabeth and Last but not least thats Cassie" she said while pointing to us we all gave a smile and i blushed a little when niall looked at me and grinned then i knew that Jordan was crushing on Liam Gwen on Harry (obvious) Jackie on  Louis Elizabeth on Zayn and Maybe even me on Niall...he was just stunning and gorgeous and...

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Jackie spoke up and said ' So now second question, oh what was it? Oh yeah! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!' She was not a patient one. "Uhm the question is What are you doing here my-lady." Said Louis obviously trying to annoy her. "Its called moving in, look it up sassy pants." she said with a smirk while Louis looked stunned while the boys were chuckling in the backround. "Well we moved in first Princess so go ahead and scurry off!' He said. Oh that wasn't good. First thing to know about jackie is never annoy sass or offend her... it wont end well.


              JACKIE'S P.O.V

 What did he just say to me? I was going to kill him!No one calls me princess and gets away with it! I pounced on him but was held back by Gwen "LET ME GO!!" i yelled at her. Louis on the other hand looked frightened and took a step back. "CALM YOURSELF!" Gwen yelled.I stopped struggling and stood still "Fine." i said She put me down and i crossed my arms as Louis smirked. Even though he was cute he was an ass.' Sorry she has a short temper' said Gwen i scoffed and just sat still. "Feisty" I heard him mumble urghh why does he have to be so irresistible?

              Jordan's P.O.V

What is with jackie does she really like him that much? Well i couldn't blame her their was 5 cute guys half naked in our flat. But There was something special about Liam that i just couldnt figure out. But he seemed sweet and caring and responsible just like me. i smiled to myself lost in deep thought, then quickly went back to reality when Cassie's hand went waving in front of my face. "Who? What? Where?" I said taken aback with what happened. "Hey calm down i was just asking you what should we do about this." she said calmly making sure i recovered "Oh well first we should all get dressed" I said sending a glare in Harry's way he just chuckled. " Then we could all just go downstairs and get all this room thing sorted out" I said with a smile " Oh By the way how long were you guys planning on staying here?" I looked at Liam's direction "Oh um about 4-5 Months at max untill we all get our own flat instead of sharing one.What about you guys?' He said "Well this is our permanent home untill we find some place better but my guess is more than a year." i said glaring at Cassie. She just sent me a half-smile basically saying 'sorry?' Whatever. "Well then Lets Get Going Guys! Oh wait... um girls go first then guys go." They obeyed while i went to my room too. 

                Gwen's P.O.V

Well this is awkward... First Jackie almost killed Louis then Jordan is Flirting with Liam and on top of that Harry is Basically walking around butt naked, not like I mind cuz he was the one who caught my eye. What can I say? He's hot. Well speaking of Harry i should probably get ready before they get impatient i Put on a light pink tank top with green shorts and my white TOMS while i let my hair fall over my shoulders i looked in the mirror. Great. I got out and Harry pretty much checked me out then scurried in the room and closed the door behind him. Wow really? Not even a smile...

      Cassie's P.O.V

After i changed into my skin tight jeans with my favorite 'Free Hugs' shirt that was light green I wrnt into the bathroom to straighten my hair which took me about 30 minutes since my curly hair is well..yeah I was the last one and everyone kept complaining "I'm Almost done" I shouted at the impatient Niall who was still in a towel "You said that 20 minutes ago!" "I swear I'm just about done!' "Whatever I'm coming in!' "Wai-" I Was cut off by him bargining in and his towel falling off... I tried so hard not to laugh as i quickly turned my back to him. I unfortunately wasn't abe to keep in a gigle which ended up with him asking 'Like what you see darling?' Oh my god his accent was even thicker than mine! I noticed I was blushing and quickly covered my face "What um no well yea but... Um Gotta Go!" I quickly ran out of the room wow that was embaressing...



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